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Johnny Depp turns in a quietly powerful performance at the heart of this Ted Demme-directed drama as real-life coke smuggler George Jung, who rises from poverty to become one of the biggest drug dealers in America before his eventual downfall. 384 more words

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47 Movie Blogs #18 – Female Movie Heroes that My Daughters Can Look Up To

I am a father with three daughters, and ever since I’ve had daughter I’ve become much more aware of how awkwardly, often how outright badly, women are depicted in movies (and also TV and comics).  1,070 more words


The Conjuring 2 (2016, dir. James Wan)

The Warrens come to England to investigate the Enfield poltergeist phenomenon. Overlong but decent-enough sequel based on a real case with some lovely 1970s production design and plenty of the standard jump-scare light horror stuff typical of the genre.

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TV Review: Taboo, Episode 1.08

I’m officially free of my Taboo-reviewing duties, at least until the next series (because there are two more, apparently, which is as much a surprise to me as it might be to you all) goes to air in 2018, presumably. 108 more words


TV Review: Taboo, Episode 1.07

I think I finally figured out how Taboo could have been a better show to start with, and it involves introducing Lucian Msamati’s Sons of Africa lawyer way, way earlier in the narrative than “Episode 5.” George Chichester has a clear cause that could have given the story backbone; by contrast, James Delaney’s cause is muddled, which would be fine if  25 more words


TV Review: Taboo: 'Episode Seven'


S1, E7: ‘Episode Seven’

James has a use for you

Grade: A-


Now this was… 866 more words

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TV Review: Taboo, Episode 1.06

…man, I don’t even know with this Taboo show anymore, guys! I’m riding a fucking roller coaster here! The frosted side of me is in love with its unapologetic, bizarre narrative course as well as its aesthetic, which borrows as much from  144 more words