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The Bourne Supremacy

When we last left the world’s deadliest assassin, Jason Bourne, he had given his old masters explicit instructions to leave him alone or else they would face the consequences. 983 more words


The Bourne Identity

The world of espionage provides fertile ground for storytelling, but when it comes to movies, the dangerous game tends to boil down to over-the-top jaunts and weird gadgetry, or bleak affairs that stress how dull spying tends to be until somebody sells you out for a bullet or jail time. 964 more words


The Ludlummox

And so to the ludicrously-named THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. Parlour game: invent a Robert Ludlum property that’s stupid-sounding enough to not be convincing — THE DOBERMANN INCONGRUITY, THE PIPKIN UNCERTAINTY, THE NIFFELNEGGER IMPONDERABLE all sound like they might pass. 741 more words


Bourne After Reading

Jason Bourne isn’t really like near-namesake James Bond because he’s a rogue agent, which Daniel Craig only ever pretends to be (but he pretends it A LOT) — Bourne is in the category of amnesiac bad-ass, like Schwartzenegger and his replacement in TOTAL RECALL (whoever played the part in the remake has fallen into my own memory well and I can’t be bothered retrieving him) or Wolverine. 875 more words


Music Video of the Day: Believe by Franka Potente (1998, dir by Tom Tywker)

As I mentioned yesterday, I was visiting with some old friends on Saturday morning when we decided to watch the 1998 German film, Run, Lola, Run. 72 more words

Lisa Marie Bowman


A grieving literature professor is consumed by a supernatural mystery involving seven mythological muses in Jaume Balaguero’s gothic thriller. But the Spanish director, best known for the horror series, struggles to fully exploit the rich potential of his material.
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Thirty-three years ago saw the release of “The Bourne Identity”, Robert Ludlum’s first novel about the amnesiac government agent called Jason Bourne. 1,522 more words