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Did a Victoria artist lose funding because of climate change stance?

WATCH: Victoria artist Franke James claims the federal government pulled the funding for her art exhibition after learning she spoke out about climate change. Mike Le Couteur explains. 296 more words



Canada has much to be proud of, here are some of things we can be proud of:

  • CN Tower name one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Modern World’ by the American  Society of Civil Engineers.
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Exclusive with SAIA York, Artist Franke James, & Wordsmiths TO

Wednesday November 6th:

York Community Report:  Christian Deo and Hailee Ingelton were joined live in studio by Imran, a member of both OPIRG York and Students Against Israeli Apartheid. 229 more words


Anti-oilsands posters showing up in Washington, D.C.

A new poster campaign has launched in Washington, D.C. to discredit Canadian oil, as the promised Keystone XL pipeline to American markets nears approval.

The latest poster shows an image of Stephen Harper wearing an oil barrel and a long jacket. 376 more words


Review: Banned on the Hill: A True Story about Dirty Oil and Government Censorship

(What happened? Summer. Also, home laptop broke. New laptop working, but would not connect to network. None of these things facilitate blogging.  Hiking and gardening are more fun anyway, yes?) 253 more words

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An Artist Talks Nonsense About Green Energy

Speaking of all that clean, green German energy.

Franke James is a Canadian activist and artist. She has apparently written an entire book about the fact that this country’s national government withdrew funding for an art tour abroad due to her pointedly political message. 564 more words

Free Speech

Harper's House of Cards Disintegrating Under Weight of Con Senators


We are living in interesting times, as the saying goes. Here in Canada, the house of cards that is the federal Conservative government of Stephen Harper is starting to self-destruct; the only surprising thing to me is that it took this long to happen. 439 more words

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