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Hear Me (eat) Rawrrr!

Mummy says she loves hearing and is still amazed by the sound of my crunching bones and chewing my raw meat. Something really satisfying about it…. 12 more words


Ty is stubborn

I’m having a heck of a time trying to get Ty on slivers and chunks. Gfountain has been wonderful making many suggestions on how to entice him to eat. 278 more words

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Quail Eggs

I’ve been introducing a few new foods to the ferts and quail eggs is one of them.

I’ve been off soup for a couple of days! 252 more words

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Today's Update

Charlie still has the fatty poops but no longer runny. I just added BM until they firmed up enough. He ate very well yesterday and so so today. 222 more words

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Charlie is losing weight again

I need some help. Charlie went from 1.10oz to 1.8oz this week. He’s 8+, has AD and has always been small. He’s so skinny and just can’t seem to put on weight. 200 more words

Raw Diet

Day 34 (10/15)

Wow Ty blew me away this morning. He ate all of his food without a blink of his eye, even the chunks. Linus did great as well but he did leave chunks behind but still great for him. 149 more words

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Raw Meat Handling Tips

Hi everyone! Here are some tips/facts to keep in mind when buying meat and packing meat for your kitty’s frankenprey meals. Even though cats have very strong stomach acids and a shorter digestive tract which is the reason why they can eat raw meat, you shouldn’t take that for granted and should still take care when buying, handling and preparing their raw meals. 1,329 more words