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Chosen book cover

I have decided to use the contemporary design as my chosen book cover. The reason behind this is because it printed a lot better and also I think it suits the audience of the book further. 309 more words


Finishing touches

To complete both of the book cover layouts I worked upon the improvements spoken about within the last posts.

To improve this layout I decreased the amount of text on the back cover as it think it sits more effectively on against the watermark background, also created more balance to the page, making it more enticing to read. 180 more words


Nights at the Villa Deodati #1: Byron & Shelley's Bogus Journey

Fiona was so entranced by the sight of Eric Stoltz, as Percy Shelley, emitting a flawless English accent while splashing about naked in a stream, that it may have taken her slightly longer than usual to notice that HAUNTED SUMMER is a very dull piece of work. 609 more words


How Frankenstein is Better than Dracula by Brandon Pahl

With the assignment of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in AP Language & Composition, I am bracing myself to hear my fellow classmates opinion about how much they despise it. 631 more words


Cover 2

The second cover I have made matches the fourth thumbnail made, representing a bolder and brighter theme using the monsters head as the main feature. 677 more words


Cover 1

I have decided to experiment with the second thumbnail being the more contemporary design first.

To do this I have rendered some of the signifiers relating to Frankenstein using fine liner. 484 more words


Initial thumbnails

When thinking of a design for the book cover I had 2 initial ideas, the first being to create a minimalistic contemporary looking piece using the signifiers of the novel and the other to be much bolder, brighter and scary looking, featuring the head of the monster. 411 more words