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What and Why

We as people are accountable for our actions, and by what they are, we are judged by others. In my latest blog post I underlined key parts of characters actions, and looked at how this made them appear. 285 more words

Blog Reflection Day #2 (12/7)

The Creation's Wish, turned bad.

The Creation’s life, from start to where -by no choice of his own- becomes independent and alone, has caused him to become well versed about so much of the world.   346 more words


Inspired to Run

When I was at work, I realized I was looking forward to running later.  That felt good; usually I must psyche myself into it and hope to enjoy it once I’ve started. 393 more words


Frankenstein’s Monster: The Modern Slave of Language

Frankenstein’s daemon, a creature cultivated into the realm of “other” even before birth, learns language in hopes to become not just human, but to be a part of this group in which he does not belong to. 299 more words

Frankenstein's Godlike Science (11/9, 11/16)

Discovering my Strengths and Weaknesses in Illustrator

Simple Halloween Monster Icons

This week I learned how to do the basic tasks in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve never worked in it before, and since I started this project right before Halloween, I thought it would be fun to create icons of classic Halloween monsters. 250 more words


Inktober United

Inktober Day 29, “United”. Monster love, it’s to die for. #Inktober2017 #drawlloween2017 #octobersketch2017 15 more words


IT'S ALIVE! Frankenstein's Monster for Atari 2600

What are some great, scary, classic games to play for Halloween? Castlevania? Splatterhouse? Resident Evil? Haunted House? Clock Tower? Silent Hill? Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy? Yes, all terrifying games in their own ways. 421 more words