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Two Thirds

Over the last couple of weeks, I could feel myself having these mini internal freak outs – nothing that has resulted in any kind of implosion, but we’re probably getting closer to one. 647 more words


So Cute It'll Make You Sick

ohhnicooleee asked: Happy birthday, love :)

frankojefferson: You have wished me a happy birthday in every way thinkable. You’re wonderful. You’re perfect. Im so thankful to The Lord for bringing us together. 46 more words


Just Under 18 Weeks (To Go)

It’s getting just a bit harder for me to roll over, so I thought no better time than now to start write about the things that have changed over the last 22 and a half weeks! 1,031 more words


Feeling Some Feelings

I’ve been having some emotions lately, especially in the last couple days.

We just met my OB for the first time on Thursday. Although it was a pretty easy-going consultation-type get to know you kind of appointment that went well, it left me apprehensive. 572 more words


First Trimester Recap

The last few months have all been kind of a blur of sleeping and throwing up. I didn’t even bother to queue up any posts or draft paragraphs here and there to help me remember – what if at the end of it I didn’t want to remember? 608 more words


Third Time's the Charm?

Written June 21, 2017

I’m pregnant.

It’s only been a few hours since I took the test (tests, actually just to be sure). I don’t have a flood of thoughts or feelings or worries or stress, but I figured I should write before I forgot. 772 more words



About a year and a half ago around my 26th birthday, I’d had a sudden realization that I was getting old. By my calculations if we held off any longer, I could be nearly 30 by the time we had a baby. 379 more words