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Hot dog history 101: Why we eat hot dogs at baseball games

Standing in the excruciatingly slow concession line last week at the Blue Jays game, I let my mind wander. Who invented the hot dog? Why do we eat hot dogs at baseball games? 363 more words

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Not Russian Salad


Unlike Russian Salad, this version does not use potato and we are using pasta instead, so it is really a pasta salad with Russian salad flavour profile. 92 more words


30 Rock's Cheesy Blasters

This months creation is inspired by one of my favourite TV shows, 30 Rock. It’s a fictional fast food called the “Cheesy Blaster” which has it’s own theme song and mascot Meat Cat – ‘You take a hot dog, fill it with some jack cheese, wrap it in a pizza, you’ve got cheesy blasters’. 69 more words


To Be Frank

What is the universe but a steaming frankfurter? An ever-expanding, over-cooked, tubular behemoth filled with all manner of unholy mysteries. Boiled down, are we not all… 1,148 more words

Spiced Cauliflower with Frankfurter

This dish is influenced by the Indian cooking style, which we will do one day in this blog, in the meantime, please enjoy this ‘fusion’ recipe. 185 more words


Another Walk - Unexpected Festivities

On Tuesday, we went for another walk. It was the last day of our holidays, and we made it a pretty interesting walk. We walked in an area we’ve never been to before, and had a very good time with some festival food. 406 more words


Vegetable Soup with Frankfurters

A simple homestyle cooking using basic ingredients. This soup is great in cold days without being too heavy. The saltiness of the frankfurters counters the naturals sweetness of the vegetable creating this melange of flavour. 136 more words