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  • “The United Nations are fighting to make a world in which tyranny and aggression cannot exist.” ~Franklin Roosevelt, after coining the name ‘United Nations’ for the allied countries fighting together against the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi) and their totalitarian axis powers.
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Franklin Roosevelt

The Jersey Brothers

I received a free Kindle copy of  The Jersey Brothers  by Sally Mott Freeman courtesy of Net Galley and Simon and Schuster, the publisher. It was with the understanding that I would post a review to Net Galley, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my history book review blog. 224 more words


Social Security (OpEd)

A game changer proposed by Republican leaders regarding Social Security has many of us worried. It has been a political fact in the lives of politicians that if they want to be re-elected, they must keep their hands off of Social Security. 579 more words


The Prometheus Bomb (Review)

How can the most incredible secret project be kept under wraps in a democratic republic?  How can the President oversee that project if he doesn’t fully understand nuclear physics?  607 more words


A Brief 100 Days Passes By

Tempus fugit, as the Romans used to say, and these days tempus seems to fugit faster than ever. All the papers are noting that this weekend will mark 100 days of the President Donald Trump, but to us it seems just yesterday that he was taking the oath of office and delivering his inauguration speech about how all the “American carnage” was ending “right here, right now.” 613 more words


Perfunctory Perception

The Washington Post began a recent front-page article with the headline “Why President Trump is Probably Right…”, and I was immediately suspicious. The Times is an outwardly liberal rag. 658 more words

Life In A Word

The White House Says Trump Signed More Executive Orders So Far Than FDR. That's Wrong

In an effort to show President Trump has had a successful first 100 days, the White House issued a press release Tuesday which incorrectly stated that he had signed more executive orders so far than Franklin Roosevelt. 669 more words