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Obama is not America

I am a great fan of the United States of America.  It is the land of the free. The customer is still king.  It is a country where a citizen seeing an expensive car or a large house will think “I might have one of those one day if I work hard” whereas, in our poor jealous country, a citizen will ask “Why does he have that car/house when I do not?” 760 more words


Epic Changes in the Country

Timothy Egan, The NY T, April 23, 2016

Consider the epic changes over the past century that brought lasting good to this country. Social Security and Medicare, allowing millions of Americans to live in dignity, were part one.

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Exaggeration is a Good Thing

©Dorothea Lange

“Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague.” 698 more words


Apr-12: Heroes and Spam

Apr-12: Heroes and Spam

April 12th is a day of heroes from President Franklin Roosevelt and Yuri Gagarin who piloted the first manned spacecraft to orbit the earth; to Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and heroic runner/cancer crusader Terry Fox.   556 more words


Two Truths

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I am still out at my Chaplain training symposium and since I don’t have much free time I am posting this thought from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 143 more words


The Coming Recession: It's Going to Be a Big One!

The next recession is unfolding, and it’s going to be the worst one since the Great Depression. I’ve been watching this historically weak US economic expansion unravel since November 2015. 554 more words

Men Who know too Little

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

I am on the way to Houston for my annual denomination Chaplain training symposium and as you have gathered from what I wrote last week I spend a good amount of time doing some reading and reflection. 603 more words