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Rich Zeoli Talks To Author About Air Force One

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Rich Zeoli talked with Author Kenneth Walsh about his book, Air Force One: A History of the Presidents and Their Planes… 319 more words

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Surprising Facts about US Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

As a young boy, Theodore Roosevelt often struggled to breathe at night because of his asthma. Although modern doctors would be appalled, Roosevelt’s doctors suggested that the boy smoke cigars to improve his symptoms. 439 more words

Franklin Roosevelt

BFG Track by Track: "Kaytn" (Part 2 of 12)

From the liner notes of Bound for Glory’s Death and Defiance:

“This song is in respect to the fallen Polish officers and intellectuals that were systematically rounded up, taken from their homes, and executed.  

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Never Buy Fear

I just finished another remarkable book by Mary Doria Russell: DREAMERS OF THE DAY.  It is a fictionalized history of The Cairo Conference of 1921  including the governing structures of the Middle East which were fabricated subsequent to the First World War.  504 more words

Cultural Literacy

Daylight Savings Time

Yes, I realize that the day to set clocks an hour forward for Daylight Savings Time has already happened in the US.  On March 8th, I set my watches and the clocks that aren’t controlled by radio signals.  937 more words

Cultural Highlights

A Saint Patrick's Day Wedding

No groom should receive more attention than his bride on their wedding day, but on this occasion he was nearly invisible.  Because the bride’s parents had both died when she was a child, her famous uncle would be giving her away.  108 more words


Most striking feature of Influencers

Gardner, Extraordinary Minds, 111

Perhaps the most striking feature in the biographies of Influencers is their willingness, often from a very young age, to challenge authority, to take risks in order to achieve their goals.   387 more words