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One Piece : Dog and Cat have a History

Chapter 820

Zou is in trouble but they just don’t know it yet. How will they react when they find out they are under attack once more by Jack? 633 more words


Stonewall, part III






Every mile. On the mile. For the last 25 miles.

It was the only thing Alan had said since his nightmare, and it was driving Franky insane. 830 more words

Short Story

Franky's Favourite Instagram Accounts

I spend quite a lot of time on Instagram (that I probably shouldn’t but whatever) and I have come to have a few favourite accounts. They are basically just blogs with pretty pictures but Instagram form. 127 more words


Franky Cartridge Enclosure .STL files

Dear all,

Due to populair demand we hereby publish the .stl files of the Franky cartridge enclosure too. Some people had problems converting the Sketch-up files. 37 more words


Island Discussion #21: New Recruit

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this Island Discussion. I am back with another season for everyone to enjoy. Club Penguin mysteries still remain on the island. Lots of them have been uncovered but new ones have opened up ever since the return of the Elite Penguin Force during ‘Operation: Crustacean’. 1,520 more words

Build your own Sega VDP cartridge

Thanks to Brazilian MSX developers FRS and MSXPró, we can now publish a do it yourself guide for building your Sega own Audio and Video cartridge named “Franky”. 241 more words