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Timid Thinkers: Death, Deconstruction, and Dogma in Franny and Zooey

By Dominic Robin

Warning: Quotes from Salinger’s Franny and Zooey include some explicit language.

Among philosophical pairings, few are as markedly disparate as that of Ernest Becker and G.K. 3,000 more words


No Place to Stand
A Poetry Collection – Poem 2


Writing and Reading log – June 2017

Welcome once again, my dear readers on these pages!

And welcome to my personal reading and writing account I share once a month with you! 458 more words


Previous lifetimes imaginary travel – part two!

Welcome back in my fictional soul rollercoaster through the centuries.

Now, before I’ll go on, I want to paste and copy the explanation and the reason behind these posts. 609 more words


Previous lifetimes imaginary travel – part one!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I started to think about the theme of previous lifetimes.

Now, I don’t want to pretend I know something about it and, if any of you happens to be an expert or a real believer, please bear in mind I’m not mocking anybody in writing things about past and possible a few others. 545 more words


Sport day!  

Friday I attended to the sport day in Maya’s school. I’ve never seen such an event before. I hope you’ll excuse me if I treat it as an amazing thing, as I’m still in awe!   405 more words


International day!

I had another plan for today’s post. I was going to write a rant about the recent happenings.

However, I’ve had such a nice and positive morning on Thursday, that I decided to focus about a constructive thought, just for a change! 383 more words