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My Reading Pile - March

As you might notice from the picture above, I have just changed the frame and the stickers.

I’m very ashamed to say that I haven’t finished a book since last month… February had been hectic and a sad month as well during which my psychosomatic side had been feeling particularly naughty and I could add creative… 240 more words


Dakota Fanning Plays Neo-Noir Heroine For Vs.

Franny‘ sweetheart Dakota Fanning covers one of the multiple covers of the Spring/Summer ‘Dreams’ Issue of VS. Magazine (Checkout the cover here… 41 more words


Daydream #3 - Joe Hisaishi

This appears to be a very dark period for me and, most of all, I have no clue how long is going to last. Have you ever experimented one of those crappy lengths of time where it seems that everything that could go wrong it would? 490 more words


Rain, rain...

Since in the past two days had kept raining, yesterday we were under alert and today the weather has been cheeky, I find this a good topic! 529 more words



It keeps being a very hard period. I keep feeling sad and betrayed.

Then by chance I saw the following video and I felt better. 147 more words


Dakota Fanning: Doe-Eyed Beauty For Vs.

‘Franny’ darling Dakota Fanning is a doe-eyed beauty on one of the covers of the Spring/Summer ‘Dreams’ Issue of Vs. magazine.

Photographed by Vincent Peters… 119 more words


Franny Demented

As I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, I think that the quote in the title isn’t only easy to use but also very appropriate considering the situation! 216 more words