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Freshman. Not a 1st Year.

My Theta sister, Wyatt, and I kiting it out as coaches at our 2016 KATS with Bats philanthropy event. So proud of our team, Ridhim & Co. 953 more words

M as Music

Yes, I managed!!! I published the M too! Back on track! 

This again was supposed to be a different post all together.

I only thought that I was giving away too much of what is actually still an idea. 132 more words


G as Generation

One of my dreams, a part for writing and publishing, is to try to convey some messages to my readers through writing. I don’t mean that I’m trying to pack my books and stories with precepts that I’ll try to force my reader to listen to like we were in school, of course not. 498 more words


C as Change

This book is the book of changes, in different kind of ways. Let’s see if I manage to convey them to you.

As I mentioned in my first post, there are a lot of vampires and werewolves already on the market, so I decided to concentrate more on shape shifting in this WIP… well other kind of shape shifting, as you can consider the werewolf in this category. 363 more words


3,000-ish words about J. D. Salinger written by me in 2016 lol

I am going to attempt to explain the reasons I find the oeuvre of J.D. Salinger, specifically those works chronicling the lives and dispositions of his Glass family characters, so compelling; despite that for how vainly my blunted instruments of the craft are capable of doing justice to them, I may as well be a good medium-sized German Shepherd attempting politely to operate a Buick. 2,931 more words

A to Z Blog Challenge 2016

Aaaaand this is that time of the year again!

Every year, on the 1st of April all those bloggers who want to challenge themselves, will try and publish a blog post every day for the whole month. 417 more words


Guest Post Thursday: Franny the Foster Cat

Because I, Buddy Foster, was once a foster cat myself, I am so very happy to have another foster cat do the guest post this week. 

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Buddy Foster