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Prompt post – Zombie Apocalypse

I have to admit I might spend on social networks more than I should, but when I do it’s just to look at the pictures and to watch videos, the most of the times even without audio. 381 more words


Four years…

As it seems very clear that any attempt to put down in words how I feel at the moment will be unsuccessful, then I’ll keep expressing with music. 69 more words


Meet Miss Franny

Here she is 2 years old with a one-eyed iguana, a really nice new hat and a 5-eyed space alien baby.  Franny is still the caretaker of the art room!

Art Room

Happy Supernatural Day!

On September 13th we, poor obsessed fellows, celebrate Supernatural Day.

I’m one of this lot.

You know I love the show. To me it has been a mile stone for different reason: it helped to feel a bit braver to watch horror, it gave me inspiration to start planning my book and it helped in meeting a dear friend. 155 more words


Kudos to a fellow writer!

You all know, my dear readers, that my biggest dream would be being a published writer.

However, I’m not talking about me in this post! 671 more words


Italian Embassy VS Franny. This time is 0-1!

One of the most annoying things if you live abroad, is the necessity to use your country services.

I’ve complained already on this pages about the scarce service we receive, but, please, bear with me, I had to do it again. 913 more words


Congratulations, bro!

 Last week I went back to Italy in order to attend my brother’s graduation.

Finally, he got his Master Degree in ophthalmic surgery.


I know that, once again, I haven’t update the blog for a while and that this post won’t be long, but I have to publish at least a few words just to let my readers know how much proud I am of my little brother. 380 more words