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Yemen conflict: a frantic race to get food into Aden

Yemen conflict: a frantic race to get food into Aden
Just after dawn this morning, at a safe distance of 1.5 kilometres off shore, the last few tonnes of food were still being lifted by local residents from the deck into small fishing boats, dwarfed in the shadows of the tanker. The unloading…

Just a ride

By: Jessica Quintero

Earl’s night was terribly slow, no one seemed to need a taxi.
He drove slowly over the bridge. The river below resembling mud under the cloudy night sky. 74 more words


Final Paper of the Semester: This Is Not A Drill

So many potential titles for this post – “Final Countdown,” “The Last Night of the World,” “It’s the End of the Semester As I Know It,” “One Midnight Left,” “I am going to finish this paper tonight, dammit, part II” – but here’s the deal. 513 more words

I don't even know what this is...

This is bad.. I have been pacing my room for the past hour, gripping my head between my hands, trying not to scream. I’ve been sobbing uncontrollably for ages, whilst ensuring not to make a sound. 330 more words


Words of the Maniacal Mind Pt 2

Words oh words

You dance around in my head

You make me feel like I am lead

Heavier and heavier I become

With these deranged, unkempt thoughts. 189 more words

In the wind

Gusty blowing wind

Branches waving frantically

As if saying, “Help”

Daily Verse


Oh, for want of inspiration
I wrack my restless, troubled mind
It seems that my imagination
Has hid, and left this work behind.