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Waiting Willy Nilly

You sit in your portion amongst the rows of black plastic chairs in the U.S. Department of State, hoping there would be grace for your mistake. 347 more words

Hypodermic Panic

As she searched, her movements were frantic. It was well past six. Medication time.

Kylo lay on the floor of the kitchen, his paws shaking. He raised white-rimmed eyes at her coming and tried to stand, his long nails refusing to catch on the linoleum. 299 more words


the pursuit of happiness can lead to unhappiness.

The reason so many people are unhappy is because they are pursuing happiness.

This might seem like a terribly cynical statement. But consider this..

That majority of the time that humans have been on this earth, they have not concerned themselves with pursuing happiness. 391 more words


Golden Locket

The golden locket
shimmers in the finest sand
yet she was frantic.


Happy 75th Birthday Harrison Ford!


Our boy, Harrison Ford, is 75 years old!! We know it’s not the years, it’s the mileage, but that’s a lot of years! We celebrate by making Harrison Ford beer names, talk about the greatest NON-movie related moments of Harrison’s careerĀ and… 45 more words

Harrison Ford

Dead Living

Dead living
was I even alive
frantic living
was I ever at peace
lonely living
in the middle of crowds.

Perhaps what I search for… 7 more words


Where to start?


Sorry if this post is all about me and my new blog journey. You might be irritated reading a lot of “I”.

“Start where you are.

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