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Just a little peace

It has been an emotional 4 days.




Too up

Too down

So indifferent that nothing matters.

I wish I could be at peace more often. 77 more words

Monsters and Suspicious Tranquility

This one resembled Resident Evil 7 again (bet you guys can’t figure out what I’ve been watching on YouTube haha). I was wandering a darkened field with tall, thin, and sparsely growing weeds that blew in the sick breeze. 388 more words


Daring Infiltration

This one is a bit sporadic, but the story seems to tie into itself logically, except for a short scene during a quick second spell of sleep. 466 more words



not even a g. no you cant have it. not tonight. why is it that on our days off we spend more time doing other things than actually having a day off. 93 more words

Try, Try, Try

I always have to try. Try to believe people like me. Try to believe people care about me. Try to feel valuable. Try to feel alive. 357 more words

Self Harm

The Deep State Got Caught Peddling Fake News To Discredit Trump Before His Inauguration – Episode 1175

From X22 Report

The Dow is approaching 20,000 points, Gold is moving closer to 1200. Boeing will be laying off more employees, sales are down and orders are down.   124 more words



Well, I did it. I had to know…

My family and friends say I am the ideal weight. Huge boobs and the perfect frame. They say I would lose at least 20 pounds if I cut my boobs off. 105 more words