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Frantic Friday for Migraine Sufferers

Fridays are generally, if not the most expected day of the week for students and working individuals. It s the last day of the week which suggests a halt from your books, from your computer system, from the endlessing meetings and away from your teachers or your employers. 24 more words

10 Best Free Things to Do in Shanghai

China is in a frantic race to get up to speed with the Western world and compete in a financially thriving and cutting edge lifestyle that the West offers despite the fact that it is still a communist country. 36 more words

15 August, 2016

Finding out about fellowship applications a month before they’re due… And some people think I have started job hunting way too early!!

A Sentence A Day

All In - 5/21/16

At the betting table

upping up the ante

of time on the illogical

presumption that I’m

in control.

07/08/16 : Holiday time

Today was the day when my family left to go and spent a week down camping around the Norfolk broads . We all usually go camping however I couldn’t go this year as I’ve got work commitments but I’ve gotten a holiday coming up . 114 more words

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