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Words of the Maniacal Mind Pt 2

Words oh words

You dance around in my head

You make me feel like I am lead

Heavier and heavier I become

With these deranged, unkempt thoughts. 189 more words

In the wind

Gusty blowing wind

Branches waving frantically

As if saying, “Help”

Daily Verse


Oh, for want of inspiration
I wrack my restless, troubled mind
It seems that my imagination
Has hid, and left this work behind.


15th April - crossfit frantic

Hot off the press from the coach as unable to make it in today
Subbed double unders for row and only 1 bar so 20kg plate thrusters. 39 more words



The ramshackle, frantic punk of Manchester’s The Hipshakes gives us today’s #onegoodthing.

T-Shirt adds a pop-tinted sheen to the rawer garage-influenced punk sound that underpins this pulsating track. 21 more words




  1. In a jumbled, confused manner.
  2. In frantic, disorderly haste; headlong.

She threw her gifts pell-mell to the ground when she realised her boyfriend wasn’t coming to her party.

7 more words

A deflated kind of day...

I didnt really treat myself last night as part of #projectrememberingme, I was too upset.

The weather here has been obnoxiously bad, we’ve had strong winds, rain and a little hail now and then. 829 more words

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