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On orphans, adoption, and Islam.

Many thanks to Asma Uddin and @AltMuslimah for allowing me the space to reply to the previous article I cited a few days ago. An excerpt: 190 more words


Aren't we Animals?

As promised, I will come back to last week’s conference, held in a Seminary in Lodz, Poland – where I presented my paper with the above title. 1,362 more words

Let's Get Violent

In Frantz Fanon’s book, The Wretched of the Earth, Fanon makes the controversial claim that violence is justified in resisting colonial oppression. Gillo Pontecorvo’s… 2,046 more words

Challenges Of Modernity

Are South Africans Free? - A Review

Are South Africans Free? by Lawrence Hamilton

Nelson Mandela, in his Long Walk To Freedom, wrote that South Africans have ‘merely achieved the freedom to be free’. 3,041 more words

South Africa

Woke! What does it mean?

By Carol Kagezi

Sikhona Songeziwe Nazo is a third year psychology student at Rhodes University. Having participated in the countrywide student protests that took place in 2015, she reflects on what it means to be black conscious, “woke” and intersectional. 1,257 more words


The Ugly American

He is ugly, loud and obnoxious. He makes a fetish of youth and wealth (the American Dream), a Blonde Beast with blow-dried, fake-colored hair. He trades in the base coinage of freedom and democracy; but his freedom is only slavery to his profitable schemes, and democracy means only unswerving affirmations of US imperial policy. 414 more words


Homi Bhabha's Concept of Mimicry

Mimicry, which is at once resemblance and menace, is the sign of a double articulation, a complex strategy of reform, regulation and discipline, which “appropriates” the other as it visualises power. 215 more words

Literary Theory