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Fraser Games - 3: The Larger Agenda

Is there a larger intent behind the referendum the Premier has imposed on the region?  Beyond the obvious discrepancies (why only for Metro Vancouver, why only on TransLink  taxes and not on tolls for new provincial bridges in the region?), is the real agenda to limit local government’s ability to raise taxes at all. 1,028 more words


Mining industry finds Saskatchewan attractive

Watch above: A new study suggests Saskatchewan is the most attractive place in the country, second in the world, for those in the mining industry. Joel Senick finds out what it is that sets this province apart. 297 more words


Alberta overspent on pensions and contracts, says Fraser Institute

WATCH ABOVE: Policy experts from both ends of the political spectrum are calling out the province, calling its ways ‘fiscally irresponsible.’ Eric Szeto reports.

EDMONTON – A right-leaning think tank is blaming population growth and spending increases well above inflation for the current budget crisis in Alberta. 138 more words


Remember Detroit?

Re: Ontario’s debt blame game, Feb. 4.

I always don’t agree with columnist Chris Vander Doelen’s opinions. However, I applaud him for his columns concerning our staggering provincial debt. 262 more words


Public school spending up dramatically in Canada despite falling enrolment: Fraser Institute

The provinces are spending more than ever on public school education despite a widespread decline in student enrolment, according to a new Fraser Institute report. 444 more words


PM's charity audits look for 'bias, one-sidedness'

The more information that comes out, the more it smells of bias in the choice of charities it audits:

The CRA says it will do 60 audits, and there are 86,000 charities in Canada.

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The Economic Benefits of Common Sense

“The link between economic freedom and prosperity is clear: States that support low taxation, limited government and flexible labor markets see greater economic growth, while states with lower levels of economic freedom see lower living standards and less economic opportunity.” … 490 more words

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