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Report reveals modern-day Canadian immigrants less economically successful

A new study reveals that immigrants who have arrived to live in Canada since 1985 have, on the whole, been less economically successful than those who arrived before this date. 299 more words


Freedom to trade in South and East Asia

* This is my article in Business 360, published in Kathmandu, October 2015 issue.

Freedom to trade in South and East Asia

The freedom to sell one’s extra output and services, and the freedom to buy other people’s goods and services, is part of human nature. 414 more words

How to improve economic freedom in Asia

* This is my article for the January 2014 issue of Business 360, a monthly business magazine in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Economic freedom essentially means individual liberty, the freedom of an individual to voluntarily exchange various goods and services in various markets, as a seller or buyer, as a producer or consumer, the individual has various choices whom to buy and sell and to whom not to buy or sell. 428 more words

Inequality is difficult to measure, but it's growing

Measuring income inequality is fraught with conceptual difficulties – starting with what to include.

For instance, when income is measured only by wages, salaries and proceeds from operating a small business, it will show high levels of inequality, which has jumped sharply since 1982, notes Jason Clemens, executive vice-president of the Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based research group and co-author of a recent study on inequality. 542 more words


Canada's inequality equation: Who's gaining, who's lagging and why

While top income earners have actually lost ground under the Conservatives, Canada is still significantly less egalitarian than it was during the early 1980s.

The Citizen’s associate business editor… 2,420 more words

Workers' rights are at risk

Re: Right-to-work legislation would give workers choice to join unions, new report finds, by Grace Macaluso, Sept. 3.

Count on the Fraser Institute to try to make a mockery of Labour Day. 171 more words