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John Robson: Canadians giveth, the taxman taketh away

If Canada is not a high-tax country, why does the average family pay more in taxes than on food, clothing and shelter combined?

The Fraser Institute, which released these figures in its latest study on the subject, has been tracking the tax bill for years. 676 more words

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The Fraser Institute has released a study (A Diverse Landscape: Independent Schools in Canada, June 29, 2016)

The study informs us that private—they prefer independent—schools are really just for regular folks who happen to think their kids should not mingle with the riff-raff in the public schools. 875 more words

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Actions inconsistent with innocence

Written in April 2010, this has been one of the most popular reads on In-Sights. It deals with many issues that remain in play long after.   1,154 more words


Fraser Institute. Who are they anyway?

Following is an update and revision of an article first published in September 2009:

OED definition of charity:
“An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.” 2,550 more words

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The Correlation Between Economic Freedom Indexes and Corruption Indexes Tells Us Nothing

Anticorruption advocates often argue that the fight against corruption is not just about strengthening systems for detecting and punishing corrupt behavior, but about implementing broader systemic reforms to policies and institutions that create the conditions in which systemic corruption is more likely to take hold. 899 more words


Pot reproaches kettle for looking black, again

What follows is an item first published here five years ago. I find it somewhat amusing to compare Christy Clark’s words before she became Premier to actions taken by Liberals after she became putative boss. 721 more words

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TORONTO—The federal government must hold a national referendum on any changes to the country’s electoral rules, in order to abide by well-established conventions, otherwise any changes are likely unconstitutional, finds a new essay released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. 175 more words