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Inequality may be complex, but that doesn't mean we can't make sense of it

The Fraser Institute has weighed in on the income inequality debate with a report called “Income inequality: measurement sensitivities” that reviews the statistical measurement of income inequality in Canada. 694 more words


CPP expansion, Ontario pension won’t boost retirement savings, Fraser Institute study says

Ramping up government-run mandatory retirement savings programs could lead to less voluntary saving, with no overall impact on how much Canadians have to fund their elder years, according to a… 728 more words


'Red tape' stunts building development in Vancouver and North Vancouver: Fraser Institute

WATCH:  A report from the Fraser Institute says Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to build. John Hua explains why this could be contributing to the affordability crisis. 500 more words


De-amalgamating a big city like Ottawa can be costly and difficult, new report says

Rural communities that became part of big cities through amalgamation and now want out should tread carefully, a new study suggests.

The newly-released study from the Fraser Institute suggests that although amalgamation may have been hard, de-amalgamation is probably even harder. 284 more words


The Essential Hayek by Don Boudreaux

Fantastic book here by Don Boudreaux: The Essential Hayek, published by the Fraser Institute.

This is a short book which introduces the reader to some of Hayek’s key ideas, and the concepts are deftly explained. 96 more words


Frittered Freedoms and Secular Stagnation

Economic freedom is strongly associated with higher living standards, but the United States is steadily working to reverse its historical gains. That conclusion is supported by… 600 more words


Alberta NDP fiscal policy should follow Romanow, not Rae: study

WATCH: The Fraser Institute says that this is s crucial time for Alberta, and believes it can learn from former NDP governments on what to do and what not to do. 408 more words