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Seniors heading west are saddling B.C. with over $7B in health care costs: Fraser Institute

There can be little doubt about B.C.’s attractiveness as a place to retire.

The province was home to four out of the top 10 places to retire in Canada in a list generated by… 508 more words


US not the beacon of freedom you think

Historically, the US has been known as a beacon of freedom. Unfortunately, that reputation has become tarnished over the past ten to fifteen years. I’m referring to economic freedom, not political freedom. 938 more words


Fraser Institute spots worrying trend in annual report on Alberta high schools

The Fraser Institute has released its annual report card on Alberta’s high schools.

The report looks at 274 public, independent, separate and charter schools across the province, rating them using eight academic indicators including Grade 12 testing, grade-to-grade transition and graduation rates. 276 more words


Analysis of Fraser Institute study on household and government debt #cdnpoli #cdnecon

In July of this year, the Fraser Institute released a report discussing household debt and government debt in Canada. With recent increases in interest rates here in Canada and a daily reminder in the media of risky levels of household debt, this post will analyze the report’s findings.  728 more words


COMMENTARY: When 'taxes' ceased to be a dirty word in politics

Are tax hikes no longer the third rail of Canadian politics?

The political value of keeping taxes low seems to have been replaced by the need to make taxes “fair” — which, in the Liberals’ case, means raising them on groups they think won’t get public sympathy. 1,022 more words


Over 80% of middle-class families face higher income taxes under the Liberals: report

Middle-income families face higher personal income taxes due to changes implemented by the Liberal government, finds a new report by the Fraser Institute.

While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reduced the marginal tax rates for income between $46,000 and $92,000, it also implemented other reforms that have resulted in most Canadians with children and middling incomes paying more, on net, in income taxes than they did before, according to the study. 739 more words


ECONOMY - B.C.’s new business as usual: political, economic uncertainty

Senior Fellow
The Fraser Institute

A SHADOW hangs over British Columbia’s political and economic future.

Last spring, B.C. went through one of its most tumultuous and uncertain elections in years. 652 more words

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