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5 Types of People You Will Inevitably Party With

1. The “Shots” Girl

I’m not talking about the cute girl who’s strolling around the bar asking if people want to buy shots. Nope—this is the girl who rolls deep to the bar with her girl friends, probably choosing to go braless and also a little overboard with the Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” perfume, although the closest thing she’s had to love is when the bartender asked for her number. 545 more words

This Legendary College Hockey Bro Chugged A Beer During A Game And Was Ejected For It

Meet Jake Anderson, sophomore goalie for the University of Virginia’s club hockey team. Anderson is also a member of the Chi Phi fraternity, which helps explain the incident that has landed him in national headlines this week. 444 more words


Messenger of God

“Can you believe this?” Roy asked as he put his textbook down on the ottoman in front of him.

The TV was set to a news channel; one of the fraternity brothers had left it on after leaving the room to attend a study session on main campus. 2,735 more words