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A Frat Bro Got Pulled Out Of College After A Video Surfaced Of Him Biting Off A Hamster's Head

Video surfaced last week of an 18-year-old University of Mississippi student and Phi Delta Theta fraternity member, Brady Eaves, biting off a hamster’s head at a spring break party. 425 more words

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A Penn State Fraternity Has Been Suspended Over A Facebook Page Exploiting Drunk Women

Penn State fraternity Kappa Delta Rho has been suspended and could face criminal charges over invasion of privacy after a “secret” Facebook page was discovered by police. 208 more words

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Bros like erotica too: Why I don't write "erotica for women"

I’m all about the dudes lately. Not in a Men’s Rights Activist way—in a “Feminism is for everyone, let’s model health sexuality for all!” kind of way. 1,807 more words

Fallin' into Fall

Well, once again Röbert is off on another wild adventure!  He is spending some time hiking with his frat bros.  They were never actually in a frat, he just calls them that!   256 more words


How I learned to stop worrying and love my hostel's security rules

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