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I feel more privileged than a rich, white frat kid

…because every week I look forward to 6 more days than they do.

Warning: obvious generalizations are obvious.

Every time I skate back to my apartment late at night from utilizing the school’s software and hardware, it’s inevitable for me to run into a couple party girls and snapback dudes who never fully open their eyes. 677 more words

MTSU fraternity suspended pending investigation into controversial banner

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Middle Tennessee State University fraternity has been suspended despite removing a controversial banner that was hung on their off-campus frat-house. 160 more words


A necessary palate cleanse with groundhog and Klonopin

Wherein some things are too close to write about, but you gotta write anyways…

It’s odd, but in the middle of a panic attack, even the worst one in seventeen years, one is still capable of a lucid thought or two or three. 1,866 more words


Defending the Frat Boys of Old Dominion: Boys Will Be Boys, Silencing, and Donald Trump

Okay. I admit it. I have rape culture fatigue. I saw this story this week and I thought, “Ugh. Disgusting piggery.” But that was about it. 734 more words

= Equality =

Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended After Hanging Crude Signs, Gratzfeed Thinks It's Lame

So it’s about that time for colleges where it’s move in day and everyone’s pumped for the impending ruckus syllabus (or chillabus) week is about to cause. 526 more words

Week One: It's a Living Hell

Now that my first week of college is over, let me tell you. Its not what you should expect. Everyone tells you that independence is going to be a great thing and college is the best time of your life, and I’m here to tell you, don’t listen to them. 453 more words