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it is said that the BATANGAS VARSITARIAN has composition and type of Batangas, our first rumble was held here in Batangas at the year 1969 13th of October against the combine strength of the ETA ZETA, ALPHA PHI OMEGA and the SIGMA LAMBDA EPSILON and it is the cause of death of our dear brother LUISITO BANAAG our senior of Calero. 413 more words

If Our Founding Fathers Were Frat Boys

Our man Tommy J probably used Rosseau’s sparknotes to find this Latin phrase and hoped nobody would call him out of it. He might also have said, “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude,” but we’ll never know because the bros couldn’t agree on which google translate entry was better.   277 more words

Frat- Creature Design

Can’t wait to finish this little guy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get him poly-painted and 3D printed in the near future!


Penn State Revokes Frat Chapter after Student Death, Creates New Rules

STATE COLLEGE — Penn State has revoked the charter of a fraternity where a student died after a party last week.

The Beta Theta Pi fraternity will not be recognized as a frat for at least five years. 55 more words


Beer: A Mild History Lesson

So what is beer? Many people have different values and expectations of the beverage. For instance, an experienced beer snob who ruins a good time at a bar talking about the science of the brew to your local frat boy who has only ever consumed Budweiser and Keystone in copious amounts. 299 more words


Elderly Man Appreciates the Finer Thangs at Rutgers

Jon Galt
Industrial Gas Producer

NEW BRUNSWICK—Though it’s often socially appropriate to condescend to English majors, it’s tough for a journalist to do when the student in question had a successful career in chemical engineering. 234 more words

Rutgers University

Greek Week Lures Thousands of Students to Cesar Chavez Center

By Ryan Martin, David Rodriguez, and Kyler Knox

As spring semester begins, new and returning student fill Cesar Chavez with fraternal activities including pies to the face, rollerblading and simulated boat racing. 526 more words