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Maxam Beer Pong Party Kit


If you want to use tequila, beer or just fruit punch, it makes no difference. This simple, but fun drinking game is sure to liven up the party! 331 more words

Total Frat Move? More like Total F*cking Misogynists

“You may have seen your favorite celebrity like Taylor Swift or Gigi Hadid sporting one of these babies on their latest social media post … either way, you’re not them. 622 more words


UW Madison Fraternity Suspended Because Members Repeatedly Use Racial Slurs

I cannot believe that in 2016, we still have stories like this arising from college campuses across the country. I’d imagine that by going to college, people seek to broaden their intellectual horizons and eventually learn that using hateful language is harmful and wrong. 252 more words


"Stop Fraternizing" by Dr.J.

You may be a part of a fraternity. You have fraternity brothers. But God says, you can’t fraternize. This season God is calling you out from among them, to separate from sin, to stop touching their filthy things in their filthy sin havens. 45 more words


Since Ladies Love Frat Guys, Here Are The 10 Different Kinds You'll Meet in College

If you have experienced college in the slightest, you have probably come across your fair share of frat boys. How could anyone possibly avoid them, they are always wearing their greek letters and are always seen around campus together.  753 more words


Fun + Sorority - Alcohol = Is It Possible?

Okay so, here’s some background information about myself. I’ve never been the so-called “party girl.” I’m usually not into drinking all that much… Or rather, not at all. 311 more words

Everybody Wants Some!!




Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! is the greatest college party flick since Animal House (1978). Granted, the competition has never been particularly strong: … 1,245 more words