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Sometimes You Should Believe Bad Boys When They Say They Are Bad

Let’s meet Chris. I’m not sure I can quite recall meeting Chris for the first time but I remember one significant night. I’d seen him around, and as I’d mentioned, he was friends with Orlando and therefore friends with Brandy. 523 more words


Let's call him Jake...

As I’m recovering from mononucleosis and a yeast infection, I think it’s a good time for another story! This story just so happens to be about my second time doing the dirty with a different guy; this time, it went a whole lot better… 838 more words


All in His Timing

When my boyfriend introduced me to his family, I was already nervous. You know, those jitters you get. It was almost worst than my first date with my boyfriend if were being honest here. 568 more words

My First Year of College

The first day of college was scarier than Kingda Ka at Six Flags. Kingda Ka is maybe 5-10 seconds of my life flashing before my eyes but university…university is 4 years of that. 1,281 more words

Updates and late night feelings

I didn’t update what happened when I went back to my college to clear out my dorm room because my parents did not permit me to return for the spring semester. 476 more words

Old Guy Outshines Gym Bro In Workout Video On Twitter

MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO GRANDPA JACK (I’m not sure that’s his name, but it is now)!!!

Fuck these wannabe Mumford and Sons bodybuilders with the lame-ass tattoos on their pecs and chests and ribcages, or wherever these guys are tatted up nowadays. 245 more words


Man at the coffee house

I promised myself not to get involved, but I did anyway.

Remember that guy I mentioned back at the coffee house who moved up from the back to step up to listen to me while I sing? 1,424 more words