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Art History 101

Today we’re going to do a short lesson on Art History so when your Bumble Date or Bumble BFF Date decides to take you to brunch and then to an art museum, you seem like you know what you’re talking about. 121 more words

US Olympic Uniforms

So this year’s Olympic Uniforms are fratty as fuck. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about them. I understand that it is Ralph Lauren which is like the epitiome of a Frat Bro’s closet along with his chubby’s and boat shoes, but our olympic team is not a Fraternity at some southern college with too much pride. 12 more words


Like, Literally, WTF?

So there’s this girl… she happens to be one of my sorority sisters. She’s a concerning breed of sorority girl. She’s one of those groupies that the fraternity doesn’t even realize she’s a groupie of. 362 more words

What are the Chances of That?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how one moment, decision, or coincidence can drastically change your life. I’m not just talking about the obvious “bad” moments like trying a cigarette for the first time and never being able to quit or misjudging how long it will take you to brake going down a hill. 876 more words


The Frat Party: A Profile


We are in the large open room of a colonial style mansion, where the ceilings are high and the wooden floors are stained. It is too dark to see, but every three seconds our bodies are illuminated by the hypnotic pulse of the strobe lights. 1,326 more words


What Your Drink Choice Says About You

BY Latin Mama

Corona: You are most likely a bro who’s been to Cancun on spring break more times than you’ve been to class. Also, the only Sublime song you know is “Santeria,” and you really just know the chorus and mumble the rest of the words in the drunken stupor which has become your sad life. 269 more words


Frick Tush & Grow(ing) Up

Though a blog post for everyone, this was written with the intent to share with my brothers. 

Yes, according to my Timehop, 3 years ago I was initiated into the Beta Septaton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. 640 more words