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Cheesy Involvement

My sorority decided to enact a new policy to increase involvement from our members. We now have to gain “points” for attending Greek events. These points then allow us to attend our social events. 166 more words

drunk rant

Throwaway because I don’t take pride in what I say here. Maybe see if anyone else in a similar situation.

I’m a JI in a recently suspended 150> man chapter. 96 more words


2 Part Rant

So granted I'm new to r/Frat. So I go to a school where a pledge died this fall, and so as a result, they decided to cancel Spring Rush as to I guess not ruin there reputation and please people that are against Greek Life. 771 more words


Good friends & a good time

This week instead of spending a lot of time outside I spent A LOT of time inside working on various assignments for my classes so I could experience the weekend worry-free. 368 more words


i'm sick

I think I was hit by a semi-truck. At least that’s how I feel. It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep because I took a 5 hour nap today accidentally. 184 more words

UCLA fraternities ban alcohol at frat house events

LOS ANGELES (AP) — UCLA fraternities have banned alcohol at frat house events indefinitely in the wake of an alleged sexual assault, it was announced Wednesday. 367 more words


2017 is so Last Year

Happy 2018! Hopefully you strolled into 2018 doing something exciting- whether it was watching the ball drop, holding a sparkler, or popping champagne.

Like probably a lot of you, I rolled into 2018 at a bar as crowds of people yelled and sprayed just enough beer to stain all the girls’ dresses. 573 more words

A Day In The Life