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Man at the coffee house

I promised myself not to get involved, but I did anyway.

Remember that guy I mentioned back at the coffee house who moved up from the back to step up to listen to me while I sing? 1,424 more words


New Fraternity Founder Responds to Club Controversey with Much-needed Clarity


In a move that has sparked controversy, fear, anger, and intrigue,  freshman Edwar Aviles-Mercedes and five of his close friends have started a club resembling a fraternity called Alpha Theta Kappa. 464 more words

Bard News

Why are white college kids obsessed with trap rappers? An ugly answer to a difficult question.

I am relatively detached from the music world – I do not keep my finger on the pulse of new music to the crazy extent that some of my friends do, who keep tabs on multiple artists at once and stay stalking their twitter feeds for news of album release dates. 757 more words


Pledge Brothers and Pay-Back

Yeah, it’s possible I went home with and am now basically dating my ex-boyfriend’s pledge brother…

So, admittedly – when I went home with him that first night maybe I wasn’t so into him… it was just supposed to be payback… thats all. 375 more words


Egyptian Ratscrew

It was like I’d never seen him before—my eyes collided into his striped button down, crisply-creased collar tucked into slightly faded grey suit pants, a slight curvature of his dad-bod tummy hanging over a worn-down, black leather belt, which I’m sure he wore over all his suit pants without exception, no judgment to the brown slacks that clearly didn’t match. 1,441 more words



it is said that the BATANGAS VARSITARIAN has composition and type of Batangas, our first rumble was held here in Batangas at the year 1969 13th of October against the combine strength of the ETA ZETA, ALPHA PHI OMEGA and the SIGMA LAMBDA EPSILON and it is the cause of death of our dear brother LUISITO BANAAG our senior of Calero. 1,122 more words