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Hello! Welcome to my blog. First, my name is Anna and my site is for parenting support for families and multiples. I had fraternal twin boys June 17, 2017 and I quickly learned that there are no books on parenting multiples or any “professional opinions” dedicated to offering helpful advice for new parents of multiples. 188 more words


Breast milk letdown

The Let-Down: Each time baby begins to nurse the nerves in your breast send signals that release the milk in your milk ducts. This let down reflex usually happens after your baby has been sucking the breast for about two minutes… 114 more words



I’m pretty sure most moms can agree…

There is nothing more satisfying when your little one is congested (besides them getting better of course) than getting fat globs of mucus out of their nasal passages. 173 more words


Feline Frenzy

My kitten has had the realization that he can do whatever he wants while I am breastfeeding as I am basically trapped and mute as the boys get closer to being fully sleep. 29 more words


Formulating simplicity

I always planned on breastfeeding my children, I never planned on having twins.

I’ve had these boys home for less than two months and my breastfeeding journey has already had tons of ups and downs. 379 more words


Hi, I'm a MoM

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I’ll be focusing on motherhood, and of course, twins. I’m a first time mom to 15 month old twin girls, and I have stories to tell! 113 more words

Fraternal Twins

Our twin birth story

When we arrived at the Saint John Regional Hospital in labour on the morning of Sept. 17, 2017, I was very calm. My labour pains were far apart and not very intense. 1,144 more words