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Are We There Yet? Car Journeys with Twins

Welcome back to my Blog where I will be exploring the world of twins and reassuring you that life with twins will get easier as they get older. 789 more words


Snow day!

Took the boys out in the snow. Here is the evidence:

Micah hated it, as apparent on his face. Jojo was feeling it! They’re almost 19 months. 7 more words


The One You See Twice

After a few jokes, Leah M. (the second) says, “I have a twin sister.” She later says that her twin is fraternal, and they look extremely dissimilar. 229 more words


Sophomore brothers reflect on being fraternal twins

By Lily Kubek

The Tower (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)

Attendance was underway, and Alex Martinez ‘17 answered “here” under his twin brother Rob’s name. It was the ultimate ‘Parent Trap’ prank for the twins to switch classes, until their friend revealed the truth and the jig was up. 502 more words


24-week scan - with twins

It actually took place when I was 25-weeks (by their calculations) earlier this week. It was so lovely to see our babies again; all arms and legs and heartbeats! 617 more words


10 Days of Twin Separation..

The majority of premature twins develop at different times, making the transition from the NICU stay to their home an emotionally jarring experience for mommy and daddy. 1,552 more words

Fraternal Twins

The Wanderlust Chronicles An Introduction

Let’s talk about Wanderlust….

Traveling is vital to me and I often need to do so to recharge myself. When I met my husband Wyatt he shared the itch to travel with me. 497 more words

Fraternal Twins