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The Small Things

It’s not everyday I get to snuggle with my kids as the doze into sleeply land. With school came sleep training, something I’ve dreaded! We are finally through the rough stage where the screaming only last about 2 minutes on average.   56 more words

Fraternal Twins

The Gem Moms of Multiples Truely Are

God really has a way of choosing strong, worriers for the jounery of being a mothers of multiples(MoMs).  He has as a way of helping us connect to other moms of multiples.   344 more words

Twin Mom

Kids Change Your Outlook on School

I recently started back to college this month for the first time after having Benton and Benjmain.  I recall back to my good friend, Lea telling me that kids changed her outlook on how to preform in school. 386 more words

Fraternal Twins

The Balancing Act

I offend hear these phases, “I don’t know how you do it!” Or “How do you manage?”

Well let me just say, it’s a daily balancing act. 335 more words

Fraternal Twins

New Mama Life

Well helloooo! Sean and I have made it through the first 8 weeks of parenthood…with a twist. If you’re just “tuning in,” we have newborn fraternal twins!  1,492 more words


Twinning linked to genes tied to reproductive fitness traits

Bearing fraternal twins, or dizygotic (DZ) twinning, runs in families, is potentially influenced by more than one gene and linked to a maternal factor. In a study published in the… 714 more words


Breath-Holding Spells 'Common,' But Terrifying

We are smack in the middle of a double dose of the “terrible twos” at my house, which for my twin boys started well before they were 2 and now include terrifying breath-holding spells. 1,256 more words