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Are Pogba & Matić Fraternal Twins?

José Mourinho may have discovered that expensive Frenchman Paul Pogba and Serbian professional Nemanja Matić are perfect midfield partners at Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matić? 439 more words

Man United

Twin FAQs

Q: Are you having identical or fraternal twins?

This was one of our first questions too, and it is surprisingly difficult to answer. Since we only discovered there were two babies at 20 weeks, apparently we will never be totally sure unless we have a DNA test done on the babies after they are born. 296 more words


Fed is best: the formula vs. Breastfeeding debate

I'll start by saying I whole heartedly agree fed is best. Baby's gotta eat and personally I don't care how that happens as long as your child is getting the nourishment they need. 433 more words

but it's my poo!

I remember sitting up immediately when I heard it; “My poo! Not your poo!” Then I heard the next part; “No it’s MY poo!” Cue me practically falling over my own feet (again) in my rush to get downstairs, in the hopes that I wasn’t going to find a bedroom covered in that first morning poo, times two. 102 more words

Life And Something Like It

Item review: Table for Two

When I was deep into my pregnancy and researching items that you needed and what would collect dust, I came across the Table for Two… 743 more words

Missing my old life

Recently I took the boys downtown to visit my old workplace. It was really nice to see my old friends and have them fawn over the boys. 473 more words

Item review: Pampers vs. Huggies 

Now I know there are a lot of other brands out there but let's be honest, these two are the reigning kings of the diaper companies. 332 more words