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That Twin Connection – Are Fraternal Twins able to Relate?

There are two different types of twins, identical and fraternal. Identical, or monozygotic, twins are the result of one egg being fertilized and then splitting in two. 499 more words


Heartbreaking Accidents Will Happen...

From the moment my twin boys were mobile (crawling, cruising around the furniture, walking and running), I became fixated on baby proofing our house to keep them safe. 1,961 more words

Having fraternal twins is in your genes!

Researchers have found evidence that the reason behind having fraternal twins could be a bunch of genes.

Any parent of fraternal twins who does not have a history of twins in their family often wonders why they had twins! 432 more words


Fun in the sun at the gardens

Just a quick post tonight.

All of us are finally at the end of this horrible flu and we couldn’t stand being indoors any longer. 98 more words


Spotlight Sunday! - Sarah

Please welcome Sarah and her beautiful family! With 5 kids plus a set of teenage twins, she knows the meaning of busy!

How far were you into your pregnancy when you found out they were twins? 478 more words

Twins' own world

Today was a slow day.

The time change due to daylight saving time affected all of us and the boys are still waking up one hour later than usual, which is nice for me! 270 more words


Twin Myths Exposed

It’s always fascinating to gaze at two individuals who look almost exactly the same, like one is the copy of the other. Those people are twins. 579 more words