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Pregnancy Week by Week-Week 20

Week 20

This week I was able to go to my anatomy ultrasound… finally! This ultrasound shows the growth and development of each fetus and to make sure that they are both growing properly. 718 more words


Congratulations! You're having twins!

To start off, I need to be really honest with you all. Before I found out I was pregnant, I never had any intentions of having children. 514 more words

Boy/girl Twins

Clues to Zika Damage Might Lie in Cases of Twins

While identical twins often share a fate, fraternal twins
typically don’t, a divergence that offers clues to researchers.
But one case is confounding these expectations. 1,458 more words


Welcome to our Super Twin Adventure!

Welcome to our blog! This blog is dedicated to my boy/girl twins, Zachary and MacKenna. I hope to inspire other twin parents to be excited about parenting twins, rather than dwelling on the exhaustion. 104 more words

Boy/girl Twins

10 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Multiples as a Stay-At-Home-Parent

As I approach the first anniversary of birthing two humans on the same day (otherwise known as the twins’ first birthday) I thought it would be a good time to write down a list of things that got me through this first year not only as a parent of twins but also a stay at home parent. 2,012 more words


Pregnancy Week by Week- Week 17

Week 17

My Belly is starting to pop more every week it seems like! The worst thing about this stage is that everywhere we go I can tell people are looking at me as if they’re… 567 more words


Knox's Top 10

Well its been awhile since my mom has let me update this thing.  Can’t imagine why.  The twins are on the move.  And by “on the move”, I mean “tag team partners that climb, fall, walk, run, roll, hide, and move… sometimes together…but usually in opposite directions making it entertaining to watch mom and dad reel them back in” 1,084 more words

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