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Being a twin

Whats it like being a twin? Can you ready each other’s mind? Do you finish each other’s sentences?

Just some of the questions myself and my twin brother get asked regularly. 278 more words

These 'Miracle' Twin Baby Girls Were Born With Different Skin Colors

A pair of fraternal twins are gaining attention around the globe for their unique distinction.

image: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/uploads/2017/01/dnrdq-twins-different-color-skin-09.jpg

Kalani was born with light skin and blue eyes, while her sister Jarani, who’s five minutes younger, has brown skin and brown eyes. 93 more words


Cheers, 2016!

It’s crazy that a brand new year is almost here. This has truly been the wildest year of my life. The most beautiful, mentally exhausting, physically demanding, emotionally draining year…but also, hands down t… 151 more words


The Internet of Things, or the Internet of Images

What is the role of photography in the digital age?

In 2013, according to Internet.org’s whitepaper, people uploaded 350 million images to Facebook each day. 460 more words

Brendan Taylor Filice

Easy Shepard's Pie

I was having one of those evenings where the babies were see-sawing between mildly entertained and fussy, but I also really wanted to cook something yummy. 584 more words


Things I wish I would have known before having multiples

1. You will go through a ton of wipes.

Everyone focuses on diapers. Yes, you will go through a lot of those. But, no one thinks about wipes. 839 more words

CRM Review and a book Giveaway: "The Other Sister" by Dianne Dixon

What happens when your forced to come out of the shadow?

The Premise

(from the book blurb):

One sister has everything. Her twin hates her for it. 647 more words