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Respected Institutions and Hate

At the moment, Cornell University has its hands full.  So does a man who was allegedly beaten and called a racist slur by one of Cornell’s students.  733 more words

Claw & Growl News & Opinion Talk Show April 3, 2017

This talk show aired live on April 3, 2017 at 95.3 FM and 96.9 in North Miami.

On this show: The Claw & Growl discusses FIU’s Diversity Week, the controversy surrounding Venezuela’s Supreme Court stripping away Parliament’s power, the “cult status” stereotype surrounding sororities and fraternities and more!

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“Student organizations must be given the atmosphere where they can vie for freely given and joyous commitment based on common principles. 33 more words


Hey Dad: is making comparisons between the KKK and FRATERNATIES Unfair?

A 7 letter word for  activity and punishment meted out by a  group of women and women who only want  to  fit ?  You have men and women who are essentially exchanging a chance to pledge for their lives. 235 more words

sorernity now

Continuing the intermission from Italy posting, here is one from the edge of UC Davis, a sorernity house on Russell Blvd. One of many; this area is called “Frat Row”. 766 more words


Harvard's war on fraternities

From the Harvard Crimson,

A faculty committee has recommended that the College forbid students from joining all “fraternities, sororities, and similar organizations”—including co-ed groups—with the goal of phasing out the organizations entirely by May 2022.

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Burning Sands (2017)

Burning Sands is one of those Netflix-distributed indies that premiered at Sundance in January and then promptly resurfaced on streaming after a brief couple months’ gap. 750 more words

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