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How Fraternities Are Promoting Rape Culture

It’s the end of August, which means that college freshmen are leaving home for the first time and moving into their dorms. Their parents are nervous- which is understandable! 493 more words

University administrators allow fraternities to turn colleges into rape factories

Aug. 31, 2015

When I was an undergraduate at Emory University in Atlanta, the fraternities had a little Sunday morning ritual called the “Walk of Shame.” After all the big Saturday night parties, brothers would drag lawn chairs into the front yards of their campus frat houses and berate women who were walking down Frat Row, heading home the following morning. 2,333 more words

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Voices: What it's like to be openly gay in a fraternity

When you hear the names Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi or Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Kansas (KU), the word “frat bro” likely comes to mind. 1,566 more words


In Defense of Sororities and Fraternities

I’ve seen a bunch of Facebook posts recently on my feed depicting Frat House banners that are suggestive with phrases like, “Freshman Girl drop off.”  What I haven’t seen in any news stories is the presence of Sororities that have done similar things.   691 more words

Other Brilliant Ideas

The University of Texas Phi Delta Theta fraternity denied imitating the then-popular Late Night With David Letterman habit of dropping stuff of the Ed Sullivan Theater, asserting that their annual “Round-Up Roof Extravaganza” began prior to the show’s first air date. 32 more words


Do You Still Want to List Your Fraternity On Your Resume? You Might Want to Reconsider.

According to NBC, yet another frat is in trouble over sexually suggestive signs posted as parents dropped off freshman at #OldDominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. It seems that members of #SigmaNu live in a house across the street from the university. 328 more words


Triple Slap to ODU Sigma Nu Frat House

What’s in the water at Sigma Nu? The Sigma Nu Frat House at Old Dominion University hung these signs during Freshman check in week. I was no angel growing up and perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned… But do these frat boys have parents, sisters, aunts, or girlfriends? 26 more words