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University Suspends Fraternity After Woman Sues Over Explicit Video Shared Without Her Consent

The University of Central Florida suspended a fraternity on Friday, days after a woman filed a lawsuit accusing members of the fraternity of circulating “revenge porn” 451 more words

Syracuse University Fraternity Gets Slap On The Wrist For Racist, Anti-Semitic Video

In April, a video surfaced of Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse University chanting racist, homophobic and antisemitic slurs. The college students said, with one person on his knees simulating oral sex, “I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the f*ckin’ kikes” and “You f*ckin’ kikes, get in the f*ckin’ showers!” 376 more words

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The crests and coat of arms that are found in cemeteries were originally flags or emblems for families in the higher social classes of Europe. They were a symbol of status and lineage.  187 more words


Women are Particularly Susceptible to Social Media: Binge Drinking at Denison

By Libby Beach

Drinking happens on Denison’s campus. Binge drinking culture, although obviously not new to Denison, has taken a new form with the rise of social media and the iPhone. 1,196 more words

How Segregated is Denison?

By Oliver Gladfelter

Just before this school year began, President Weinberg penned a letter to the class of 2021 with ten pieces of advice. Coming in at #6, he encouraged incoming students to “engage a wide range of people” and to “seek out people who are different from you.” While I fully agree with Weinberg on this, I also understand the human tendency to default to interacting with those who think, act, and even look similar to themselves. 928 more words

Scared To Leave

The best part of joining Greek Life is the new batch of friends that come into your life every semester. For four years, each fall and spring, new members have been initiated into not only my own sorority but the 9 other organizations on Umass Lowell’s campus, bringing me new friendships along the way. 540 more words

Syracuse Fraternity's Racist Video Sparks Student Protests

The Theta Tau chapter at Syracuse University was suspended on April 18 after a video came out that featured members using racist, sexist and homophobic language. 96 more words

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