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Univ. of Florida suspends frat over abuse of wounded vets

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The University of Florida is investigating allegations that Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members disrespected wounded war veterans last weekend at Panama City Beach, Florida, by spitting, urinating and pouring beer on them. 347 more words


A Girls Guide To A Frat Party

I’ve thought a lot about how to approach this topic, and I’m sure that I won’t have my mind settled even after I’ve written this. 1,143 more words

Caitlin Marie

Why I'm Not Greek - As Told by Gamma Delta Iota

I did not rush Greek life when 50% of my peers did. I wanted no part of a sorority, of a “sisterhood.” I did not want a group of giggling friends behind me like Elle Wood’s sisters from Delta Nu. 726 more words

Fraternities and Policemen

The liquor will be Jack Daniels and the music will be “Somethings Happening Here” by Bruce Springfield. I am veering from my normal pairing of wine to hard liquor in deference to the probable popularity of Jack to these two groups. 772 more words

Changing The World!

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

File under: “Be careful what you wish for.” Dingman and I were to have set out for Joshua Tree this weekend to mark our 22nd anniversary. 416 more words

Lazy Upcycled Blog #5 Oh No Bro.

10.4.15 TW: sexual violence
Sooo, I know I’m supposed to be all not blogging and stuff but I was researching the existence of rape culture for a paper and I stumbled across this delightful email, sent by a frat twat to the poor bastards in his charge, which somehow unfortunately for him and anyone else blessed with the gift of literacy, went viral. 1,867 more words

Vintage Blog

Don't End Up Last...Putting Things In Front Of God!

I have done it and many of you have as well. Even in biblical times there were “witches” and “magicians” who could interpret dreams and allow certain things to occur and people willingly placed their lives in their hands, but God sent out a clear and vital warning to us all in  872 more words