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31st July, 1658: Aurangzeb ascends the throne in Delhi

Imagine the surprise of finding out at the age of eight that you and your eleven year old brother are being held as ransom in your grandparents’ home as a punishment for something your father has done. 1,187 more words


Genesis 33: Prodigal Son, the Prequel

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Jacob’s fears about Esau meaning him harm seem unfounded. Rather than attack with his company of men, Esau runs to his brother and embraces him unashamedly. 496 more words

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In Her Dreams...

“Mommy, when is Daddy going to die?” There was not an ounce of fear or sadness in her voice.

“Uh, why do you ask, sweetie?” 50 more words

Leighton speaks to upside of embarrassment

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Presbyterian minister Christopher M. Leighton lectures on the topic of “Faith Without Fratricide: Wrestling with our Scriptures” last Friday in the Hall of Philosophy. 682 more words


First Light

Cain killed Abel, Bible says. Early homicide; struck him dead. Did Adam reject Eve? Look to her as Devil’s breed? Feel that she caused his downfall? 70 more words


• Le mulâtrisme et le noirisme: le cancer ou le SIDA?

Si notre indignation collective face au racisme s’étendait au delà d’un passé qu’on ne peut changer, je serais tentée de croire qu’elle est sincère et réelle. 2,800 more words


Genesis 27: A Big, Hairy Conspiracy

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Isaac favors Esau, probably admiring the strength he demonstrates by hunting and living a life of self-sufficiency. Remember how strong and independent Abraham, Isaac’s father was; Esau likely reminds his father of his ancestral strength. 277 more words

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