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First Light

Cain killed Abel, Bible says. Early homicide; struck him dead. Did Adam reject Eve? Look to her as Devil’s breed? Feel that she caused his downfall? 70 more words


• Le mulâtrisme et le noirisme: le cancer ou le SIDA?

Si notre indignation collective face au racisme s’étendait au delà d’un passé qu’on ne peut changer, je serais tentée de croire qu’elle est sincère et réelle. 2,800 more words


Genesis 27: A Big, Hairy Conspiracy

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Isaac favors Esau, probably admiring the strength he demonstrates by hunting and living a life of self-sufficiency. Remember how strong and independent Abraham, Isaac’s father was; Esau likely reminds his father of his ancestral strength. 277 more words

Old Testament

The First Polygamy (Genesis 4:17-24)

Cain, the first murderer of the humankind.
‘Cause there were only four people; Adam,
Eve, Abel and Cain when Cain killed Abel.
So calling Cain the first fratricide would be… 169 more words

Women In The Bible

Contemplating Contemporary Contempt

I wonder whether it will pass…
wonder whether it’s a temporary state of hate and if it is the state of hate is it innate … 547 more words


Who Died and Made Me King?

…Looks like my brother did!

Well, full disclosure time: I murdered my brother this morning. I suppose I should add “…God forgive me,” or something like that, but my heart’s not really in it, because frankly, I’m feeling great about the whole thing. 236 more words