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Five Questions Not-for-Profit Boards Must Ask About Fraud

By Guest Blogger John Hall, CPA, president of Hall Consulting Inc. and Not-for-Profit Conference speaker

Not-for-profit boards provide the critical governance, oversight, and guidance needed to steer an organization in the correct direction. 1,033 more words

Intellitip: Downsizing and Streamlining - What are the risks?

A feeble economy, corporate downsizing and streamlining, increase pressures and decreased controls offer an explanation as to the relationship between the occurrence of fraud and; redundancy rate, the revelation to technology and an economic recession. 253 more words

Indian Banks Give Customer Service for Money Laundering

Recently a string operation exposed money laundering services provided by some Indian private banks. The employees and bank managers were caught on camera advising the disguised reporter on ways and means he can convert his illicit money into legal money. 609 more words


Money Can Buy Everything

A woman called me up recently and said that someone is willing to pay her huge amount of money for investment in her business. Problem was, they did not want to disclose their identity and would be transferring money from Sri Lanka. 837 more words

Corporate Behavior

Manipulating Purchasing Decisions

I read “Influenced Decisions” on Philos blog. It talks about Dan Ariely’s experiment on rationality of decision-making. According to the experiment, though we think we are making rational decisions, we can get easily influenced in making the wrong decisions. 252 more words

Risk Management

Coal Gate Scam – Should Auditors Comment on Policy Decisions?

The Coal Gate Scam report has squarely put the loss of Rs. 1.86 lakh crores (USD 35. 097 billion) at the Prime Ministers door. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report states that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh agreed to introduce competitive bidding for allocation of coal blocks way back in October 2004. 1,001 more words

Risk Management

Misunderstanding of Risks Between Business Teams and Auditors

PWC Internal Audit survey highlighted one critical shortcoming of Chief Audit Executives and Internal Audit Department. The risks that business teams consider critical are being ignored. 595 more words