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ARDC claims contributing to judge's campaign committee to influence a decision is not bribery - What do you think?

In this past election in Nov. 2012 the law firm of Peck, Bloom, LLC , their attorneys and family members contributed $10,000 to the campaign committee to elect Justice Theis as a Supreme Court justice. 552 more words

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Corruption at Markham courthouse family court

See “Justice for Livia”s web site here: http://justiceforlivia.wordpress.com/about/

Judge Coglin, now retired, has destroyed families by giving numerous children to male abusers, many with political connections  who cover-up the abuse of their children.  245 more words

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Gross misconduct of Judge Veronica Mathein

Judge Mathein has been observed for many months now by court watchers. Her failure to follow the law and her harm to children in ripping them from parents without due cause including toddlers, forcing baseless limited supervised visitation, denying due process, and allowing false statements via hearsay without substantiation in order to vilify a parent without opportunity to cross-examine or present rebuttal; evidence is beyond grotesque. 234 more words

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Courts stealing elderly estates, removing control from families, enriching lawyers & corrupt guardians

Stop courts from abusing elderly, stealing their estates, enriching lawyers and public guardians, preventing contact with family members, bringing false allegations of neglect and abuse to get rid of families – billions being stolen. 124 more words

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Self-Immolation - Corrupt family court in every State just like in Cook County

Two days ago Tom Ball self-immolated himself in front of a courthouse in New Hampshire, forever enshrining the motto of the State, Live Free or Die, because of a corrupt family law system which deprived him of interaction with his children and caused parental alienation and a divorce.  497 more words

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IL courts, Lisa Madigan & State Police officials caught in scheme defrauding federal government of millions

UPDATE 10-15-14  The IL eavesdropping statute was declared unconstitutional and charges then  had to be dropped against Melongo. Melongo was also found not guilty of the computer tampering charges. 4,896 more words

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