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Climate Change Hype - Please Don’t Panic. We’re Not Frying To Death

By Andrew Bolt ~

Our news.com.au is one of the most overheated parts of the Murdoch empire. Again, today:

There is no point in denying it: …

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The IPCC Scandal: Were 97 Percent Of Women Groped?

By Andrew Bolt ~

Tony Thomas asks:

Did Pachauri Grope 97% of Women?

Thomas answers:

Actually, only five have complained so far, but why not apply warmist statistical methods to allegations of roving hands, lurid texts and an obsession with ‘voluptuous breasts’ that have seen the world’s premier alarmist resign?

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Harf Truths: Obama Official Blames Jihadism On Lack Of Jobs Training

By Andrew Bolt ~

Allen West is rightly astonished by the Obama Administration’s latest cowardly evasion in the war against Islamism:

My, oh my…. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf actually said “we cannot win this war by killing them , we cannot kill our way out of this war” yesterday on MSNBCS’s “Hardball.” Instead, …

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Hating Humanity By Opposing Science

By Alan Caruba ~

They don’t want to admit it, but we know it’s true. There are countless organizations that hate humanity enough to do everything in their power to put a stop to anything that might benefit it. 1,006 more words

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Don’t Waste Energy On Fossil Fuel Divestment

By Nicolas Loris and Marshal Wilson ~

Global Divestment Day(s) take place Feb. 13-14, and a movement is afoot to encourage entities to sell their portfolios of conventional fuel stocks. 718 more words

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