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Making A Game Of Going Broke In Queensland Australia

By Andrew Bolt ~


Over the last eleven days, The Commonwealth Games have been held here in Australia, on the Gold Coast in Queensland. These Games are in fact quit large, probably second only to the Olympic Games when it comes to all round sport.

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Family Farm Could Face Prison For Calling Skim Milk By Its Name

By John-Michael Seibler ~

Forget narcotics. Uncle Sam has a new substance to crack down on: all-natural skim milk.

Food and Drug Administration regulations make it a federal crime for dairy farmers to call all-natural skim milk exactly what it is—skim milk. 1,043 more words

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Trump Seeks To Scale Back More EPA Rules, Says Tax Cuts Boosting Manufacturing

By Fred Lucas ~

President Donald Trump touted the success of his policies in helping manufacturers, and announced a new presidential order to roll back environmental regulations that would further expedite the construction of factories. 554 more words

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Is Your Neighbor’s Tesla Costing You Money?

By David Rothbard and Craig Rucker ~

It certainly seems like going “green” is trendy these days. And we hear a lot about the benefits of renewable energy and electric cars. 582 more words

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3 Reasons The Left Hates Scott Pruitt

By Genevieve Wood ~

You know why they are going after Environmental Protection Agency secretary Scott Pruitt?

I can give you at least three reasons. 270 more words

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Green Cars Worse Than "20 Homes"

By Andrew Bolt ~

A shock to greens who think electricity just comes from switches on walls: 

Electric vehicles pose a threat to national power networks as next-generation cars with bigger batteries multiply household electricity demand by up to 20 times, a new study reveals.

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