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Add Warming Scare And Stir

By Andrew Bolt ~

Fun story:

A hungry baby sea lion picked the best seat in the house after wandering into a beachside restaurant in San Diego.

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Trumping Hydrocarbon Fuels And Consumers

Too many presidential candidates court corporate cash by promoting ethanol

By Paul Driessen ~

Donald Trump loves to tout his poll numbers. But if he’s doing so well, why does he pander to Iowa’s ethanol interests? 1,211 more words

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The CDC Is Brushing Off The Zika Virus

By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~

The Zika virus causes horrible birth defects – and it’s coming here. Will US authorities let ideologues stop them from wiping out the mosquito species that carries this horror? 675 more words

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Censorship Won’t Win Climate Debate

It is pathetic, almost funny, to watch the rats trying to right the sinking ship of alarmism

By Larry Bell ~

Prevalent media reports that the “climate debate” has been settled never seem to explain exactly what debate arguments they are referring to. 868 more words

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Recent Energy And Environmental News – January 25th 2016

By John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

This first link is to a tribute marking the sad passing of Professor Bob Carter. 685 more words

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Australia's China Syndrome

By Andrew Bolt ~

If China falls, it will take Australia with it:

A loss of confidence in the ability of Beijing to manage the downturn in the Chinese economy has sent shares plunging for the fifth successive day, amid fears it will spark a new bout of global ­instability.

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