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Why Are Australia's Taxes Going To Hillary Clinton’s Foundation?

By Andrew Bolt ~

Why have Australian Governments – and especially the Conservative one as we have now – been donating to a highly questionable foundation run by the family of Hillary Clinton? 291 more words

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The Hillary Treatment For Climate Fraudsters?

State AG actions reveal double standard for scientists who promote alarmist climate claims

By Paul Driessen ~

This past March, seventeen attorneys general launched a… 1,304 more words

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When Will Africa Get Healthy And Prosperous?

When will its leaders focus on vital issues affecting its people, instead of lining their pockets?

By Steven Lyazi ~

Introduction from CFACT’s Paul Driessen:

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Zika Mosquitoes Are Biting In America Now — And We’re Still Not Ready

By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~

This month, mosquitoes capable of transmitting Zika start biting in Florida, the Gulf states and southern California. It’s the “virus from hell,” warns Peter Hotez, Dean of Baylor University’s School of Tropical Medicine. 688 more words

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Broadband Internet Australia - NBN: Labor Party Gives In. Now To The Real Debate: How To Make It Work Best

By Andrew Bolt ~


Here, the acronym NBN stands for National Broadband Network. Originally, the Labor Party, when it was in Government promised Fibre to the residence, here referred to as FTTP.

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Renewable Power Australia - John Hewson Out For The Grants He Championed On The ABC

By Andrew Bolt ~

Hypocrite speaks:

John Hewson has come out warning of the influence big corporations can have over politicians and public policy…

Hewson said the renewable energy industry had been the victim of a vicious offensive by the Coalition and had been forced to accept a huge cut to the renewable energy target.

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