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OUTFIT: Stripes & Fray

Der Frühling kommt sehr langsam nach Deutschland! Ich versuche neue Kleider, wie dieses T-Shirt und diese Handtasche von Stradivarius anzuziehen, aber irgendwie kann ich 100% Frühlings-Kleider noch nicht anziehen, da es viel zu kalt für mich ist. 177 more words

What not to do with a jumprope

Never jump rope outside with a plastic or plastic-coated rope in the winter. That’s how I broke mine – no small feat, considering that it is actually a steel cable. 439 more words

First Listen Review: Tobias Jesso Jr. - "Goon"

Genre: Indie Singer/Songwriter Piano Pop

What I Like: Today is a day I’ve waited a while for. They say things go in circles. in music this is true more than anything else. 207 more words


Repercussions of Insomnia...

Some days when everyone who speaks seems like an unwelcome distraction; the drone of voices threatens to drive you crazy.

I want someone to tell me that I wouldn’t have to choose between what I have, and what I want. 117 more words


Frayed at the Edges

Posted for Macro Monday
©2015 V. del Casal All Rights Reserved


Running (poem)



Or           r           e         j        o      i     n    i   n  g

the fray

A decision for

another day

© Michelle Sherlock 19/2/15  If you liked this you may also want to see another concrete poem I wrote some time ago initially by accident and then part way through I made it deliberate (without knowing of it as a form) 31 more words

Michelle Sherlock

Frayed Manilla

Manillas. That’s the word for the bangle currency that came out of West Africa. It’s derived from the Spanish manella (bracelet) and Portuguese (hand-ring).

Inspired by the above Fray comic (those 3 bangles on her wrist? 124 more words