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When Working With Ribbon

When working with ribbon, you want to ensure that it won’t fray over the period of its life span. This is especially important with baby crochet projects. 55 more words


Stitch in Time - 4.3

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“I’ll check the place,” Gordon said.

“I’ll come with,” Mary said.

“Thank you.”

It wasn’t a bad idea.  There was no guarantee that the assailant had already left. 4,820 more words


Sewing into the night

I have been the task to make some table runners for display out of hessian material. The deadline is tomorrow and I think I will be up for another hour or more, sewing the night away. 45 more words

Enemy (Arc 3)

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“Is Mr. Howell expecting you?” the stitched asked.

Warren stared.  There were so few of the stitched in Pontiac, and they were the sort of thing that was ignored and people who used them were looked down on.  6,392 more words


You found me

These lines feature in the song “You found me” by the Fray. The corner of first and Amistad is said to metaphorically imply of a junction between heaven and hell. 1,094 more words

Today's feed 

Hello Shadowhunters!

So far today there’s been a lot of updates from everyone on both Twitter, Instagram and snapchat. Here is what you want,

let’s start with Clary and her boys, looking fine! 131 more words