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You found me

These lines feature in the song “You found me” by the Fray. The corner of first and Amistad is said to metaphorically imply of a junction between heaven and hell. 1,094 more words

Today's feed 

Hello Shadowhunters!

So far today there’s been a lot of updates from everyone on both Twitter, Instagram and snapchat. Here is what you want,

let’s start with Clary and her boys, looking fine! 131 more words


Two Faces

Two faces look at each other.
One is leaking one is stone.
Both have teeth and blood,
And both are howling lone.

One has the snout of a hound, 133 more words


Boot Bag

Whenever we go out of town dancing, I either have to pack my boots in my travel bag/suitcase, which takes up room, or carry them in the box and that can be cumbersome.   151 more words


Essentials Of Sound Network Marketing Practices And Techniques

Network marketing is a new and exciting field to some. However, to others it is just a way to survive this current harsh economy. Multilevel marketing takes hard work and focus to produce an income. 19 more words

Make Money Online

OUTFIT: Stripes & Fray

Der Frühling kommt sehr langsam nach Deutschland! Ich versuche neue Kleider, wie dieses T-Shirt und diese Handtasche von Stradivarius anzuziehen, aber irgendwie kann ich 100% Frühlings-Kleider noch nicht anziehen, da es viel zu kalt für mich ist. 177 more words


What not to do with a jumprope

Never jump rope outside with a plastic or plastic-coated rope in the winter. That’s how I broke mine – no small feat, considering that it is actually a steel cable. 439 more words