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A Knot made in Heaven:3LineTale

A constant tug-of-war, daily struggles of life challenging
Frayed and bruised, but the marriage holds strong
A knot made in heaven, resilient and everlasting

3LineTale-Week17 sponsored by Sonya


Wanted—A Hobby, for Long Term Relationship

Stamp Collecting and Kite Surfing Need Not Apply

It’s the question I dread. You know the one. It comes right after you’ve talked about the weather and work, before you get to religion and politics. 1,175 more words


The Flower With The Frayed Edges

I’m still the same girl who used to bike with boys when she was 9.

My pink, sparkly bike stood out among black, rusty ones. I was the only girl and nobody noticed. 157 more words

Choker Blouse

Wounded Heart

Wounded heart silently weeps
Shedding tears of blood
Emotion fueled egos straining
Thin fine string holding
The bridge spanning the chasm
Love, disturbed and turbid… 56 more words




gEt yErr – own ORanGe!!!

I’m gonNa scoFf the sofA

Watch (a)gog in awe

ChoKolat spo(unge) Bubs

Raspberry RipPle nipleS

GoOd enou(ff)gh to eat… 15 more words


Past Present

The café was quiet. The yellow-brick courtyard reflected the heat of the afternoon sun onto the vines and potted palms that surrounded the two men. Chris looked at Tom. 1,207 more words