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Frayed at the Edges

Threads unravel and seams pull apart. What is frayed at the edges can be more than a bit of fabric. It can be a feeling or circumstance that wears. 2,840 more words


New Found Love- Frayed Pants!

Hi Guysss!!!! ❤️❤️

Long Long time huh? How have you been? I hope wonderful!🎉

I am writing after exact 2 months and it feels so good. 505 more words


June 29: Flash Fiction Challenge

Lake Gitchi Gumee erodes the shore wave by endless wave. Ringed-bill lake gulls careen wide circles, wings spread. A loon trills from water so vast as to hide the fowl rolling in waves, but occasionally the sun slants just so, and a loon appears to be fast-paddling like a vessel full of rowers all in sync. 1,315 more words


My Wings are Frayed

By Sally Holland

My wings are frayed from life’s abuse,
No chance to be rescaled,
My song has bayed, its tone reduced.
My muscles now curtailed. 116 more words


white on belles...the white jeans we are buying this season 

Belles are always in need of a fresh pair or two….

These are our picks

From Mother Denim. A lil fray, a lil ripped, a lot of love!! 91 more words

What's Ringin' Our Belle

Frayed and Threadbare


The Dead Sea Scrolls consist of 900+ manuscripts or fragments containing historical, religious, and linguistic information.  Significant because they include the 2nd-oldest surviving manuscripts found later in the Hebrew Bible canon.   694 more words


day 1435 - toilette 

i was fine with the rags i had, but my mom gave my fresh towels instead. the frayed edges and faded colours gave it character and added sentimental value. 35 more words

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