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Vex Note: How a single flywheel ball shooter minimizes the effect of ball mass variations

Nothing but Net 2015/2016 competition game involves shooting 4 inch balls that can have a 10% variation in mass.    We know that trajectory range ,R = V^2/g*sin(2*theta) so it  is dependent upon the square of the ball release speed , V, and shooter elevation, theta.   609 more words


Outreach Opportunities for FL FIRST Teams

The following FIRST Outreach Opportunities have been out to team contacts.  If you’re interested in any of these, please follow instructions for registering:

  • Morikami Museum Robot Day, Delray Beach – July 18 – We’re looking for 2 FRC and 2 FTC teams and 1 FLL team.  
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Pre-Season Workshops - Tampa Bay

A series of FIRST teams workshops are being offered in the Tampa Bay area, beginning June 1.  Sessions are appropriate for all programs, and will be hosted at the Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center (ECC) at 2101 East Palm Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 ( Ybor City).   170 more words

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Josh Duggar is a Sinner and SO AM I!


After watching a woman bathe, the book of Samuel records that in order to cover up his sin of impregnating another man’s wife, King David put Bathsheba’s husband Uriah on the front line. 1,218 more words

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Josh Duggar Responds to Child Molestation Claims: 'I Acted Inexcusably'

Josh Duggar, the eldest son in the family chronicled in TLC’s series 19 Kids and Counting, has spoken out after it emerged he had been accused of child molestation in the past. 181 more words

Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters

“The alleged victims are J, J, J, and J, who live with their parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar…”

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Josh Duggar

Finding the moment of inertia of a Vex wheel using parallel axis theorem

The new Vex game “nothing but net” might involve rotating shooter wheels.  We know that if all the mass of a wheel was located on its rim then the moment of inertia about its rotating axis  (I_rim) would be… 373 more words