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De-icer in car explodes, leaving woman severely burned

SEATTLE (Tribune Media Wire) — Ashes are all that’s left of Matison Long’s car after a freak accident left her severely burned.

“It was really just like a pop,” … 301 more words


Life is the bird, and I just got pooped on.

Honestly, life has just been making a fool out of me lately. Today a freak accident happened at my internship and I might have just injured our star athlete (keep in mind I go to a D1 school). 194 more words

Wrestler Fighting Rey Mysterio Jr. Dies In The Ring During Fight! [VIDEO]

Mexican wrestler El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo was wrestling Rey Mysterio Jr. last night in Tijuana when something went terribly wrong in the ring and the wrestler died! 101 more words


March 10

Doubt just like
a swallowed stone

doubt just like
a slip on ice

that gulp of a moment
that sip of knowing

that absolutely anything… 9 more words

This Girl Broke Her Kidney Because She Tripped On Her Shoelace

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Remember when you were a little kid, and your parents used to yell at you for running around? “You’ll trip and fall,” they said. 295 more words

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Forgot to mention

I just moved to Kentucky about a week ago, from Florida (yes, I’m crazy).

Anyway, I left Little Girl down in Florida, I didn’t need her “rotting,” up here in the cold. 154 more words

'90's Singer Dies In Freak Accident!

R&B singer Charmayne Maxwell from the R&B group “Brownstone” died Friday night after falling on broken wine glass.

Maxwell, 46, was at her home in Los Angeles on Friday when she fell and cut her throat on a drinking glas, but TMZ reported it was a wine glass. 24 more words