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Twin Cyclones from Hell

So something interesting happened to Brisbane recently – pretty big surprise, I know. I suppose you must have been living under a rock the past couple of days to miss any information (or even experience) with the crazy weather conditions that are happening in Australia: twin cyclones of scary intensity making near-simultaneous landfall. 327 more words


Going for Broke

…is apparently my 2015 battle cry. Because that’s EXACTLY what is going to happen to me this year. It’s an ugly death when you see the freight train coming at you and you just… 675 more words

Bizarre micro snow flurry hits TMC for Children, Tucson, AZ

A freak micro snow flurry hit Tucson Medical Center last week surprising patients, families and staff alike. Regular programming was interrupted with a newsflash from Holly Headline at the TMC news desk and Decca Halls reporting from PICU and Pediatric courtyard, where inclement weather caused Santa Claus to touchdown during a test flight. 79 more words


Spooky "radiation fog" turns Saitama cityscape into Silent Hill overnight

Halloween may be over for this year, but the weather gods in Saitama clearly hadn’t got the message on Wednesday morning this week, as the city was shrouded in a… 205 more words


Belatarr Best of Breed at Bournemouth.

Dodging endless ominous looking thunderstorms. all of which seemed to break just beyond the showground, Belatarr Mahalia Jackson (Billie) scored another memorable win today under breed specialist Mike Lewin at the Bournemouth Championship Show. 76 more words

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Our Obsession with the End of the World

With the plethora of books, comics, TV shows, movies and games set in the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre it is easy to believe that modern society has an obsession with the end of the world.  3,378 more words