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On this day in 1853. #Wales #history

On the evening of the 9th July, 1853, the residents of the Duhonw valley of our local Epynt mountain had no idea of the terrifying events which were about to unfold. 727 more words


Luminous Yellow Sand

Ahh, just breathe in the fresh clean air of Southern Spain, wonderful…

Except a couple of days ago our area of the planet got in the way of a sandstorm from the Sahara desert. 389 more words

Freak Weather

Time To Get The Bucket And Spade Out

Ahh, you thought I was going down to the beach to build sandcastles?

No need, the beach came to us. This is what a few spots of sandy rain can occasionally do in the depths of night while you´re off your guard. 291 more words

Freak Weather


There is a green plaster on my balcony
that wasn’t there before.

And last night there was a freak hailstorm
that earlier wasn’t predicted.

In my neighbourhood, 136 more words


Oh No! There´s Snow On The Costa Blanca!

It was forecast rain, but the temperature plummeted overnight, just three degrees in places! Hence it fell as snow. This “latest” freak weather event covers the WHOLE of Spain, not just the mountains, and it´s even invaded the tip of Africa. 315 more words

Freak Weather

Welcome To Southern Spain On Weather Alert

Anyone up for a beach party?

That´s us under the big red bit.

Yesterday we were supposed to be going to a music / dance concert down on the beach with friends, but the freak weather was slowly moving in so we abandoned the idea. 227 more words

Freak Weather