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// Unleashed / The Flourish Market //

This week in DTR has been full of heat and lightning. On the heat front, this weekend doesn’t look much better. Stay cool. Both literally and figuratively. 1,030 more words


// 42 & Lawrence / 4th of July //

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I want to rewind to two weekends back when we were without that pesky day they call Monday. Well, we had it, but it was significantly improved by no work. 992 more words


// Is this real life? //

Legitimate question we asked ourselves during 21 Marbles, adult night at the kids museum.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend so far. Zach and I have been incredibly lazy and this rainy weather certainly isn’t helping in the motivation department. 890 more words


// It's lit //

Literally. I’m on fire. Who turned on the sun? It’s incredibly hot out here.

These were the ginger thoughts running through my head during the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo a few weekends back. 1,454 more words


// Where to Begin //

First thought to enter my head after stepping into the Raleigh Food and Wine Festival. Answer: with doughnuts from Rise.

// Raleigh Food and Wine Festival // 803 more words


// Bless her heart //

Go to phrase for the Southern Women’s Show.

// Southern Women’s Show // 

Last night I headed to the fairgrounds for a sneak peek of the Southern Women’s Show. 700 more words


// I could do that //

The opposite of what I was thinking during the sneak peek of two brand new exhibitions at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Sorry for the blog hiatus. 654 more words