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~🌼~ Working on Me ~🌼~ (Self-Help) ~ Part 1~

Hello, All!  Hope everyone is doing good on this Wednesday, “Hump Day!” Yay! Half the week is almost over.  

Today is the first day since March, that I get to see my therapist and I am truly looking forward to it.  873 more words

Mental Health Awareness

Arizona - Freaking Out

The New Jersey trio announced their Cold Nights/Summer Days release last week with the emphatic uproar of Freaking Out. 184 more words


Deep Breath

I discovered at least three kinda not awesome typos in my book. Cue the panic attack.

Homeschoolers are brutal too. I know y’all are going to tear into me! 279 more words


They didnt have the tools to work with a SCHIZOPHRENIC!!

When i was having a psychotic episode at school they sent me to the nurse. They locked me in a room to calm down ( did NOT appreciate that) 136 more words

making a mess of it at the dentist

I woke up at 3am in utter pain. My mouth was swelling and hurting like all get out. I took two ibuprofen and went back to sleep as best I could.  294 more words

Everyday Life

Mildly freaking out - how I deal (or don't deal) with stress

Look honestly I’m as surprised as you are that I’m posting today. Like I said in my last bullet journal post, I have performing exams this week. 1,162 more words

Life Updates Sort Of Thing

The Spider Chronicles

Delaney + Spiders = you don’t even want to know.

The only time that I do okay with spiders is when I’m a camp counselor, and I need to have my brave face on. 96 more words

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