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Invisible Influence - Jonah Berger

In a follow up to his best seller, Contagious, Jonah Berger delivers an in depth review of data demonstrating the unseen forces at play in each person’s thoughts and actions. 428 more words


On having a tailwind

Many years ago, I was crossing Elizabeth St, heading into Chemist Warehouse, and my phone rang. It was a friend, Lynn, having one of her tougher days, and calling to vent. 605 more words

Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner: Freakonomics

Surfing Malcolm Gladwell’s wake on the wave of popular social science books came a pair of writers who set the stage for many journalist/social scientist combinations. 785 more words

Management Thinkers

Pride and Subsidies

Freakonomics had an episode on the dramatic impact of subsidies on the visual effects (VFX) industry. Long story short: 1) VFX companies operate on razor thin margins, 2) the industry chases subsidies from competing local governments–Canada and London are  currently important locations, 3) Californian politicians want to bring these jobs back to LA, but doing so would probably be a net burden. 833 more words


Wise Thinking #5 - Headwinds vs Tailwinds and a Bear

It’s Monday–take a brain break and raise your mental potential with Kristi’s Wise

Thinking blog series. Click here.

*Please accept my apologies if the link isn’t working. 12 more words


Things I've learned from podcasts (1/2)

Recently I’ve devoted my free time, and my free ears, to listening to podcasts. Many of the makers encouraged listeners to start promoting podcasts to friends and I thought I’d do my part. 600 more words

Personal Stuff

Ice cream or Coconut?

Imagine that you are stumbling across a street in the day light of scorching summer and obviously after walking a mile you would feel thirsty and now let say you had seen the coconut seller and the ice cream parlour with scintillating glasses, well-furnished interiors and obviously airconditioned. 214 more words

Common Man