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Summer Reading List Unsuccess

About two months ago, I wrote a post about my summer reading list. Obviously, I was expecting to read more books than I put on the list – I only chose seven books, and even though we were more than half way through the summer when I wrote the post, it was still very reasonable considering I’m a fast reader and I had more than a month of holiday to go – yet I write now, somewhat forlornly, that I only read two books of the seven on the list. 583 more words


General Indian English: Much ado about an accent

Something very complicated happens when we speak. Vocal cord vibrations are modulated by the snaky movements of a little appendage called the tongue. Twisting around the mouth cavity, tapping on the roof or on teeth-backs up front, it shapes sounds before they exit the mouth’s mini echo chamber. 872 more words


Smarter Faster Better

Good Morning, Happy Monday!

Are you ready for the week? Will you get everything done? I bet your answers are “Sure” and “Hopefully”. Every single one of us has studied something about our profession, whether it’s getting licensed, earning a certification in a technology or getting a college degree. 168 more words


How to stay informed on the road: every traveler needs this app

National Public Radio (NPR) is, for many, the sine qua non of the well-informed.  Now savvy travelers –  globe-trotters to road warriors – can stay current with NPR’s new phone app,   456 more words


UPDATE: 7 Podcasts I Think You'll Love

NOTE: This is an updated post from the original publication date of April 6, 2016. 

I’m a big fan of podcasts. They are chock-full of interesting backstories behind the headlines; they provide a brief but deep look at topics I wouldn’t take the time to read about. 626 more words

Stuff I Like

book of august: freakonomics

One of the many books on my bookshelf that I had yet to read was Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt. I remember when Evelina read this book and would read fun facts to me aloud whenever she thought I’d also get a kick out of it. 67 more words


Of Mice & Men/Literature Circles (update)

We will begin reading Of Mice & Men on Monday, August 22nd. The book may be purchased via Amazon used for $5.69, or you may access the book digitally through multiple mediums. 146 more words

Literature Circles