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Sleep if off

I have always been very sleep dependent. When I wake up  in the morning it’s like waking from a comma, slowly I regain consciousness and can participate in conversation and consider the entire world not so much of a caustic assault and more of a dimly interesting experience.  63 more words


Netflix Documentary Round-Up

Tallahassee graced us with an unseasonably cool week – I drove to work with windows down at 69 degrees. Something about the promise of Fall gets me in cozy-mode. 609 more words


Other Culture Break: Podcasts Part 2

I got a great response to my previous post about podcasts so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling and write another. If I didn’t hook you last time and you don’t have time to browse around for other options here’s some more to try. 251 more words


Discovering when to rob a bank

When to rob a bank’ is, in fact, the latest book from the Freakonomics co-authors and the reason Stephen Dubner was talking today in London.   515 more words

Economics insights

Stephen Levitt explaining CEO bonuses by comparing to street gang economics at 20:25

Think Small

Think small.*

Or why its important to think like a child.

The Set Up

As often happens, while I am thinking one idea, another idea (call it an inspiration) jumps up in my head as a tangential expression of the first idea. 755 more words


You Gotta Pay To Play

One of the most fundamental principles of democracy is the election. In the current political landscape money is God and the two major parties are the church. 313 more words