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Being Malcolm Gladwell

With my own attempts to learn Latin, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about deliberate practice and the value of grit. So, Freakonomics Radio’s focus on productivity this month is certain a welcome coincidence. 162 more words



By Jill Achineku: Education Columnist


It is no longer news that the academic achievement gap between the rich and the poor has grown considerably over the last 40 years. 464 more words


Episode of the day: "Being Malcolm Gladwell"

Listen to¬†“Being Malcom Gladwell”

Podcast: Freakonomics

A great informal interview with this ever interesting man – Malcolm Gladwell. It takes a great writer and thinker to convey scientific notions to the wider audience. 27 more words

Episode Of The Day

Holbenomics. E-Commerce and Execution.

Hi all,

I’ve been hard at work for the past few years and left this blog in the dust behind me.. until today!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating more posts with a specific focus on e-commerce, automation, philosophy. 69 more words

How Can Deliberate Practice Help Me?

When questioned about practicing habits, students often respond with vague claims about practicing a particular song, singing with the radio or frustrations about not understanding how particular exercises will help them to achieve their goals. 520 more words


Freakonomics and Expertise: What's Missing?

This week’s episode of Freakonomics Radio is about the topic of expertise.1 As someone working towards a PhD studying expertise, I listened with interest: it’s reasonably rare to hear an in-depth discussion about this field, and trying to comprehend other people’s takes upon the subject and reconcile them with the work I’ve been doing. 1,277 more words


History Has Its Eyes On You

This may seem a little out of context for a resource economics blog, but hear me out. I’ve been thinking about how best to write about the… 985 more words

Resource Economics