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Recommendations! Podcasts

When podcasting first started out, I was interested (radio talk show but wherever you go and on your own time!) but did not have an opportunity to really tune in. 870 more words


Asking Creative Questions and Finding the Right Data: A Review

Steven Levitt is an economist at the University of Chicago who developed a reputation for coming up with unusual questions to answer using economic analysis: Why do crack dealers live with their mothers? 405 more words

Book Reviews

The Tyranny of the Like

I just rejoined Facebook grudgingly. I’m starting an MA at Berkeley and was worried I would be considered a luddite if I turned up with no social media capabilities. 510 more words

Nurture Those Imaginations

Kids imaginations astound me. I was recently listing to a Freakanomics podcast (I am an absolute podcast junkie!) episode called Think Like a Child that talked about kids and their ability to see through magic versus adults who tend to overthink everything. 350 more words

Toni Kelly

How morning’s laziness and introverts break the toilets in a hostel?

Morning’s dullness was not new to me but one day, about a month back, a stream of adrenaline rushed within me when I realized that I am late for the office. 445 more words

Day 2200 - When To Rob A Bank - or - A Nice Reminder About Why I Blog

We’ve made a lot of choices in our life over the last year or so that have severely simplified our lives. Because of the choices we’ve made, we have a lot of free time. 383 more words

Personal Growth

Can sleep explain why black Americans die younger than white Americans?

The racial inequalities in the US are stark, but none are more damaging than the health gap between blacks and whites. On average, blacks die at a significantly younger age than whites. 1,094 more words