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Jeff Bezos: Amazon employees should start meetings by reading memos ‘with the clarity of angels singing’

Amazon’s CEO says employees don’t do PowerPoint or any other slide-oriented presentations during meetings

Executives at Amazon have an eccentric — and nerve-wracking — way to begin meetings. 537 more words


Before receiving a quality education

Oh podcasts, little packets of brain food that make my morning routine an enlightening tooth brushing.

On a Sunday afternoon, I was listening to Freakonomics Radio… 470 more words


Unleash your freak

I bought Think Like A Freak many years ago, started reading it but stopped reading during chapter 1. Still not sure why I didn’t finish it though. 163 more words

"Freakonomics" by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

My boss convinced me to switch my major from Business Administration to Economics, even though that wasn’t his intention. He’s just a passionate guy with a masters in Economics, who left the world of oil in Texas, USA to become the director of a study abroad program in Shanghai, China. 1,418 more words

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An Unconventional Incentive

If you are looking for books that explore theories and logic that stretch beyond standard norms, Freakonomics can be an interesting place to start. Don’t expect a coherent book that sticks to one consistent central theme. 2,193 more words


The Demonisation of Gluten

I listened to a good podcast today regarding the complex history of gluten and coeliac disease, how it impacts those who suffer from it, the gluten-free fad diet from an economic point of view which was pretty interesting, find it by clicking on the image below!

Gluten Free