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Freakonomics. The start of 2017's book challenge.

The New Year always brings with it the obligatory goals of getting fitter, drinking more water, saving more money or sometimes the opposite with people vowing to go out and see more of the world. 820 more words


Deliberate Practice is a technique that can make "anyone great at just about anything". So, did it improve my Dutch?

Last August, I introduced specific goals to improve my Dutch. They were aggressive for me because I wasn’t doing many of them previously, such as watching Dutch TV or they forced me out of my comfort zone, like the language café. 1,209 more words


Get Good (art edition)

When I was just a wee scribbler, I received the same advice from my teachers, my artistic heroes, and even my favorite TV shows.

Draw. Do it every day. 978 more words


Collisions of Crowds

“The madness of crowds comes from like-minded people who are all wrong.” This is a memorable quote from Scott E. Page, an American social scientist… 474 more words

Freakonomics or: The Less Desirables Movie of the Week


a/perture cinema, the Official Movie Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents The Less Desirables Movie of the Week, Freakonomics (2010).

Per IMDb: “A collection of documentaries that explores the hidden side of human nature through the use of the science of economics. 758 more words

The Less Desirables

Freakonomics Podcast: Bad Medicine, Parts 1 and 2: The Story of 98.6 and

Part I:

“We tend to think of medicine as a science, but for most of human history it has been scientific-ish at best. In the first episode of a three-part series, we look at the grotesque mistakes produced by centuries of trial-and-error, and ask whether the new era of evidence-based medicine is the solution.” 112 more words

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