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Defining Value in a World of Diamonds and Foxglove

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit me in Seattle.  It was great to see them again, hang out with some family friends, and spend some time exploring the Pacific Northwest.   1,552 more words


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Last week, Freakonomics published a podcast entitled, "Diamonds Are a Marriage Counselor's Best Friend." It's a great podcast and I'd recommend a listen, as it features a great exploration of how couples make decisions about money in the context of marriage. In addition to that, however, it covers a topic which I think is absolutely fascinating: the history of the value (or lack thereof) of diamonds. I think the example of diamonds is very instructive towards how we think about meaning and significance for all of the goods in our lives, but interesting as a standalone story as well. I've written about this previously, but I'd like to bring my words up again as I think it's a discussion worth having. Regardless of whether or not you disagree with the diamond industry, I believe that it is helpful to develop an understanding of how you determine value in your own life.

Think, Think, And Think Some More

Being exceedingly infatuated with the realm of Economics and its superbly pragmatic, realistic disposition which mirrors my very own, today I found myself reading an excerpt from the latest book by the authors of… 599 more words

Cum hoc ergo propter hoc // On s'en fout de la causalité, nous les marketeurs sommes des corrélateurs

Il y quelques années, j’étais perturbé par la question du ciblage.

Faut-il parler aux gens qui achètent une marque ou à ceux qui ne l’achètent pas encore… 260 more words


Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

A mentor of mine first recommended I read this book on the eve of my entering business school nearly 10 years ago and I passed up the chance for varied other pursuits paramount at the time (I was pregnant with my second child and in the middle of a huge merger at work). 427 more words

Five Stars

Book Review: Freakonomics

“Sociology…has its own conflicted history with common sense. …sociology has had to confront the criticism that it has “discovered” little that an intelligent person couldn’t have figured out on his or her own.”                                                                                                            -Duncan Watts…

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This week I began learning about podcasting in my Journalism 2.0 course. I was excited to learn about the topic because I often pass by the “ 645 more words

Journalism 2.0

Less is More?

Ok, so this post has nothing to do with television, but it does have to do with a podcast I listened to recently.  This Freakonomics podcast titled… 659 more words

Eating Disorders