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Freakonomics Podcast: The Maddest Men of All. Episode about Behavioral Economics

Another interesting discussion on the field of behavioral economics (see a previous post on the topic). Some really interesting discussions on this podcast about the contrast between classical economics and behavioral economics. 221 more words


How can we measure the effectiveness in charitable giving?

Much of our charitable giving is governed by emotions. We are far more often to give to a cause if the story or cause grabs our attention by moving us emotionally. 402 more words


Overcoming the Sunk Cost Fallacy... and Quitting!

Let’s say we’re in a group of people and I offer you the chance to bid on a $20 bill, with a starting bid of $1.  553 more words

Behavioral Economics

Listen: awesome podcasts

I love a good podcast. I can trace this back to my dad’s love for public radio. After being forced to listen to NPR every time I was in the car with him for 19 years, I developed Stockholm Syndrome and sought out a job at a public radio station. 320 more words


Someone Else's Acid Trip

What do real-estate agents and the Ku Klux Klan have in common?

Why are drug dealers so fond of living with their mothers?

What makes the perfect parent? 824 more words

Connect With People

Freakonomics and the Jevons Paradox

Do Energy Efficiency Improvements Make Us Use More Energy?

I was quite intrigued this week by the latest podcast offering from Freakonomics. Aside from their somewhat insulting “discovery” that the study of the environment isn’t diametrically opposed to that of economics (a conversation for another day), they put forward an engaging analysis of the effectiveness of energy efficiency. 1,460 more words


Freakonomics Podcast: “It’s Fun to Smoke Marijuana”

“A psychology professor argues that the brain’s greatest attribute is knowing what other people are thinking. And that a Queen song, played backwards, can improve your mind-reading skills.” 101 more words