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3 ridiculous hyperfixations I just can't shake

I have spent the last 4-6 months in full-time work since my graduation last summer. To many, this statement may evoke a reaction to the effect of: … 1,164 more words

Gr8at: Shows Set Back in the 1980s

With the release of Ready Player One, said to feature numerous 80s references, it’s clear the 80s phenomenan shows no sign of abating. So I thought I’d include the opening titles of eight recent shows set during the 80s that highlight just how distinctive the decade.  49 more words


How Do You End a Show Like Love?

This article includes spoilers about the final season of Love, as well as 30 Rock and Mad Men if you somehow haven’t gotten around to watching those by now. 1,263 more words

Grab Bag

When the Song and the Scene Cannot be Separated

It’s Music Monday again! This week, I’ve decided to highlight a few songs synonymous with a movie or show. When certain songs are used during a scene, it becomes nearly impossible to hear them without imaging the scene. 593 more words


Media Update 3/8/18

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

I was not really planning on watching this show and when I decided to watch it, I expected to let it play in the background while I did other things. 813 more words


Movie Team-Up: 'Lady Bird' and the Teen TV Legacy

Almost six years ago I was paired up with a writer I knew from Twitter to talk Teen TV over at This Was TV. We started with… 5,251 more words


December Favourites

TV Shows

I can’t believe it took me this long to watch Freaks and Geeks, since it’s been sitting in my Netflix list for years. I started watching it in November in the week of my 2 year anniversary of being out of school and it had me all sentimental for my high school days and make me miss my friends back home even more. 730 more words