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Seth Rogan x Tyler, the Creator: An Unexpected​ Clash of Minds

Today, I was researching the musician Tyler, the Creator for a potential blog post (I may still do one as he’s one very interesting character). You can spend hours looking through various online content surrounding Tyler, after some time I found an interview he did with Seth Rogan for Golf Media at the beginning of February 2017. 201 more words


Because we’re intelligent [Soundcheck #52]

Vendredi, je me suis rendue au défilé de la collec hiver d’un festival bien connu des amateurs de bottes.

J’avais dans mon sac une mini bouteille d’eau, tout juste achetée (et donc non décapsulée et donc remplie d’eau minérale), que l’agent de sécurité m’a confisqué pour la jeter dans la poubelle la plus proche. 747 more words


2/17/2017 )(2)

Hi, Friend.

It’s 11:08 pm and I’m stoned.

I’m so happy. I’m currently alone but my fiance is on his way home right now. What a great feeling, being high. 85 more words


The Media Are Missing the Mark In Their Trump Coverage

Did you know President Trump’s press secretary and the media were engaged in an all-out war over the size of the crowd at the inauguration? 400 more words

Best Watch Comedy Series of All Time

As per the public rating and personal comments of my friends and Facebook followers, I have created a list of best watch comedy series of all time. 245 more words

Arrested Development


This is a list of my top 7 favorite tv shows. (they are in no particular order) 18 more words

Doctor Who

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