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When this show first came out I loved it to bits, and was gutted when it was cancelled after just 12 episodes. It to me was the best high school show I had ever seen. 595 more words

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TV Journey's: Stories from the Road and other places - Part 2

Paul: Please forgive me.  I’m new to the television blogging scene and I’m not certain I’m qualified!  I love TV as much as the next dude and I’ve been a subscriber to the posts on “The Golden Age…” for quite some time now. 1,540 more words

Freaks And Geeks

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As you may or may not have noticed, I have not been as punctual with the release of my blogs as of late. No, I’m not ill, working, or taken up a new hobby – I’d never do that to my devoted fans. 414 more words

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Tales from subbing at a junior high gym class: It's as bad as you remember. Sarah Silverman is back with a great election year video. And the NRA website gives Cinderella and Goldilocks AK-47s.

So as I’ve said here many times before, I’ve been substitute teaching in the New York City school system for four years now, though since our son was born I’ve only been teaching once a week. 818 more words