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A Year Living in a Strange Town

Dubuque is only an hour and a half from where I grew up but still, it seems so different. We have been here over a year now and though I don’t have a car and bike all over town I still have time to pop on WordPress now and again. 347 more words


Freaks and Geeks

I’ve never been much of a Judd Apatow. His sense of humor just doesn’t really do it for me. And a bunch of his stuff is pretty sexist. 174 more words


Crowd Sourcing the Analysis of Character Gestures

I haven’t had a chance to work on my Freaks and Geeks project for a couple of weeks because of the pre-semester festivities on campus. But today my writing colleagues and I are back, each working on our projects. 328 more words

Freaks And Geeks

Stranger Things Podcast (No Spoilers) | Have You Ever Seen Ep.1

This episode recaps: The Netflix original TV show Stranger Things’

Download or stream this week’s Round The Twist podcast episode via:
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Round The Twist

Have you seen Stranger Things?

This new Netflix miniseries is like the love child of Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg, living life to a soundtrack by Daft Punk, but confusingly, none of those entities have actually been involved. 142 more words



It has been a busy couple of weeks in Lake Clusterbeborn (apologies to Garrison Keillor and Lake Woebegone). I’m working on a couple of posts about some decisions that the cluster guides have made and discussions that I’ve had with people in the Arts and Technologies cluster (yes, we’ve changed the name of the cluster–more on that later). 582 more words