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Linda Cardellini on a Freaks and Geeks reunion, Mad Men and new Netlfix series Bloodline

Linda Cardellini was 23 when she sign on to play the teenage Lindsay Weir on NBC’s Freaks and Greaks, but even 15 years later, the star of Netflix’s new series Bloodline still gets recognized for her role in the Judd Apatow single season series. 1,212 more words


Review (VOD): BLOODLINE (2015)

“There’s clearly some things going on with our family.”

So says Sally, matriarch of the Rayburn clan (Sissy Spacek) in the penultimate episode of the new Netflix drama series… 754 more words


Bloodline's Linda Cardellini: 'something is going to go terribly wrong'

By Cassandra Szklarski

TORONTO — Linda Cardellini has her own name for the third episode of her Netflix drama, “Bloodline.”

The Megisode.

That’s when the sprawling story focuses on her conflicted character, Meg Rayburn, with an ominous flash-forward that seemingly places her at the helm of a mysterious dark event. 447 more words


'Freaks and Geeks' nostalgia recap: How funky is your chicken?

Season 1 | Episode 9 | “We’ve Got Spirit” | Aired Jan 24, 2000

For years, I have lived under the impression that a mascot could not be any more horrifying than the ill-advised Burger King one, but… 806 more words

As Netflix prepares to launch in Australia, Stan steps up its game

Netflix is launching in Australia and New Zealand on March 24 – that’s less than two days away. Over the past few weeks, Netflix has released the third season of  518 more words


Post-'Freaks and Geeks': A litany of success stories

From our friends at Hypable.

The cast of “Freaks and Geeks” may not have had a lot of work before the series debuted, but most of the cast have had incredible success ever since. 921 more words


Read these: coming out to family, freaks + geeks + christianity, depression + dysphoria, and a feudal vassal self-nomination

The internet is a glorious treasure trove of stories and wisdom. It can be also a space for idiots to voice their wrong opinions, but it can also be a place that contains windows into others’ lives. 467 more words