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Life Lessons from Lindsay Weir

When I was a sophomore in high school, my darling mother introduced me to a tragically short-lived TV show she used to watch religiously when I was a toddler and my dad was busy working nights. 656 more words


12 Signs You Were Definitely A Floater In High School

1. You had friends in so many different “groups.”

2. But even though you had tons of buddies all over, you never really felt like… 275 more words

Skins Deep: A Dangerous UK Teen Show

Consuming: Hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya. We had intended to see The Martian while it was still in 3-D, and have Mexican food afterward, but the subway I was on suddenly went express instead of local after I had the opportunity to change to the 1 and I was late. 1,281 more words

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The Ten Greatest TV Shows Of All Time!

I have spent eleven months of my life without gainful employment (for various reasons as well as plain laziness) and as a result of this I’ve watched many, many TV shows. 916 more words

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