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I can’t believe it took me this long to watch Freaks and Geeks, since it’s been sitting in my Netflix list for years. I started watching it in November in the week of my 2 year anniversary of being out of school and it had me all sentimental for my high school days and make me miss my friends back home even more. 730 more words


How we learned to ignore sexual harassment on our TV screens when it's played by our favorite characters

*This article is full of spoilers and analysis of various TV shows.

As I mentioned in other articles that I have made before, I am aware that TV shows, especially comedy shows, exaggerate certain qualities in a character for comedic effect. 1,567 more words

Physical And Mental Health

Sherpa Boondoggle Mosey. Gee whiz. Flapjacks. (re: a thought i had while in college, therefore a post that pertains to the college experience)

It’s 3AM. I’m super duper sober. I could sleep but I don’t really want to. For various reasons actually. I decided that I’d post once a week on this blog over the break. 831 more words


Freaks and Geeks (USA, 1999-2000)

Created by: Paul Feig. This is one of the most honestly hyped things I’ve ever come across that I had so much resistance to. It’s just that the track record of coming-of-age high school dramedy TV shows is bloody awful. 562 more words

Bingeworthy Eighties-Themed Television Shows

By Maddie Sievers

Recently, there has been an abundance of eighties-themed TV shows, remakes of eighties movies, and even eighties commercials floating around different forms of media. 489 more words

Pop Culture

Twelve Days Of Netflix: Day Two | Freaks And Geeks

In February I continued watching Star Trek: Voyager, but since that was the first day of Netflix I’m cheating and bringing you Freaks and Geeks, which I watched in March, for day two. 218 more words


the indy chronicle - hair cuts and other stuff

Yet another edition to this series where I basically just talk about all the things I’ve been up to lately: visiting friends, going to the movies, cutting my hair, a new de-stressing routine, and finally seeing Everything, Everything. 939 more words