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Freak Number 26 - Bi Polar Dude

Hmmm Mr Bi Polar Dude – okay before you send the lynch mob onto me saying how dare I call someone with mental health issues a freak – hear me out.   721 more words


Happy Birthday…

“I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one.”

“At its best our age is an age of searchers and discoverers, and at its worst, an age that has domesticated despair and learned to live with it happily.” 107 more words

An Appreciation

Mom goes for one hell of a ride in virtual reality

Pretty soon we aren’t even going to need to leave the house for the thrill of a lifetime.


Freak Number 25 - Sperm Donor

Hmm the Sperm Donor.. I came across this little gem when I was surfing the mountain of unattached freak wannabes on an online dating site.  Again, I did not meet this one but was intrigued by what he mentioned in his dating profile.   263 more words



see the freaks pacing in their cages
eyes are searching every inch of me
watch them burn out their boredom
see them lying down with others… 40 more words


Fat Marketing

Freak shows marketed “fat ladies” to the public and the they paid by the pound. Advertisers help create the obesity and offer gimmicks as cures. Some obese people have thyroid imbalances or other genetic disorders; so diet and exercise have little effect on size. 112 more words


Freak Number 24 - Mr Brickie and the Monotone Dude

Okay I am going to combine two freaks into one story…its only fair as they have similarities in some of their mannerisms.  Both are as exciting as watching grass grow and equally riveting.   838 more words