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the circus

the sky was dull as lead when i set out yesterday to catch a bus to work.  the air was icy cold; the March winds blew into my face with bitter scorn.  621 more words


One of us, one of us....

“We accept her!”

We watched the 1932 cult film Freaks this morning. We’ve been meaning to for awhile now. It really was interesting, though obviously something that couldn’t really be done today (except I did notice that the latest season of  370 more words


Green screen deceives even the most serious of gamers

What better way to use your green man costume than to depict floating milk?



All over- thinkers are manipulative control freaks.

The Dumb Retard

I’m talking about me and a fictional character, so nobody get upset. The context means more than the words. Retard just means delayed development and dumb means speechless. 217 more words


Being the Weird One

I have always been considered the weird one by most people…. but that’s perfectly fine by me. I enjoy being weird, I am most happy being myself. 61 more words




Jesus on the streets

Satan under the sheets

Why do the heathens rage

When we don’t keep sinners in a cage?

He that sits in the heavens shall laugh… 51 more words