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Freaked out Dots

Annie! I remember the first time I heard Arundhati Roy’s name. It was in 1996-97 when she won the Booker Prize for her novel, The God of Small Things… 570 more words


FONY: Freaks of New York

New York is full of people. Many of them have appeared on HONY, and many of them are crazy! I decided to share some pictures of the freaks that New York harbors. 345 more words


Samantha Fraser

“In my early days I wrote about sex and non-monogamy for fun. I quickly realized that people were latching on to my words because they found themselves reflected in them. 208 more words


Love Talk: The Importance Of Receiving Kind Words [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

This edition of Love Talk has to do with receiving kind words well. Often, when we are given compliments and kind, positive words, our instinct is to somehow reject it, however politely. 193 more words

Get Up!

Samsung Portable SSD T3 - A portable HDD for speed freaks

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)


Back for more

A year ago, Samsung introduced the first of its portable SSD drives and it was called the Portable SSD T1… 717 more words


Zippy the Pinhead at the Billboard Music Awards

The article shown above shows a gathering of celebrities, comes from Billboard magazine. Zippy the Pinhead and Grace McDaniels Mule-faced woman were among the stars. This clip comes from the same magazine that gives you the… 217 more words


New Band: Team New Band

That headline is entirely intentional. The band’s name is actually Team New Band, and a great new band, they are. Hailing from Brighton, it’s not surprise that the music has its own individual style. 200 more words

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