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“I am drawn to freaks and weirdos, the unconventionals and the rebels. The ones who refuse to be ordinary and the ones who stand alone”


#bigbinkshow Granpa Loses it When Shoes light Up!!!

#bigbinkshow   Just when you thought Grandpa wasn’t up on the trends!  Check out this dude’s reaction when he was given some of the Light up shoes! 19 more words

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Snap Shot #17: Mad Man Magnet

I have no doubt that many would consider me a weirdo. After all, I am the white haired freckled faced freak who has been seen standing on his head in very public places. 966 more words

Gray Matters

Parallel souls surface.

Tepid, rusty oven doors…critical, tired and old.

Again, the scattering of orphans…nothing but out dated candy for the eye.

Disfigured misfits falling from the austere sky. 22 more words


August 31, 2001.

​Transfer to Milan…

With the conviction to achieve the desired job from a life: writing. Hoping to meet beautiful, intelligent and brilliant people…

Illusions: 15 years the writing has never become a job and meet the crooks, liars, prostitutes and jerks, not to mention those who live in a sick sex with psychological warfare. 37 more words



dir. tod browning

A cult classic like none other, Freaks has been spurred with controversy since its release. Political correctness aside, it was panned for its sub-par and unbelievable plot, despite a cast that was unlike any that had been assembled before. 126 more words