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Freaky Friday - Toynbee Tiles

Imagine one day you are going about your business in a city crossing a street you’ve crossed many times before but here in the middle of the crosswalk that’s so familiar you pay no attention to it something catches your eye. 1,691 more words

Freaky Fridays

Freaky Friday - Who was Peter Bergmann?

A stranger showed up in Silgo, Ireland on 12 June 2009. He was nice enough older man that kept to himself. He wandered the town, mailed some things, had his meals, snuck cigarettes in the hall instead of going outside, and went to the beach. 1,633 more words

Freaky Fridays

Freaky Friday - Cicada 3301

If you like puzzles do I have a tale for you. If you like mysteries that are taking place here and now – do I have a tale for you. 1,706 more words

Freaky Friday - Time Traveler's Tale

In some circles on the internet the name John Titor is synonymous with Time Traveler. The tale starts as far back of 1998 from a man that claimed to be on his way to or from 1975 returning to his home time of 2036. 1,363 more words

Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays - Voynich Manuscript

In Freaky Fridays we’ve had a where did he go, a who is he, and an open secret of spies. Today we have a manuscript that leaves us what it is and why it is. 1,781 more words


Freaky Friday - Number Stations

This Friday I’d like to introduce you to something that isn’t a mystery but is by its very nature mysterious – Number Stations. Have you ever pondered what the world of international spying is like? 1,070 more words

Freaky Friday - Tamam Shud and the Somerton Man

Last Friday it was a case of not knowing where a man is. This case is not knowing who a man is. It takes place in Australia in 1948. 1,916 more words