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Freaky Fridays

Welcome to Freaky Fridays where I post links to the odd and the fantastic. Thank you to my friends, especially Sally and Bronwen, who send me pure gold. 101 more words


The 5 Facts of Life

The human brain, in all its infinite complexities could never be more feeble.

Fact No. 1.) People in general, are lazy. If there is one universally accepted fact, it’s that. 1,284 more words

Freaky Fridays

"50 Shades"-Mostly Subpar BDSM Research

Since we’ve covered a small amount of what BDSM is, I want to quickly go over misconceptions of BDSM and cover more of what BDSM is not. 1,302 more words


Dominos or Subway; Dominance, Submission, & BDSM

Bondage, discipline, dominance & submission, and sadism & masochism; these are the different aspects of what is more popularly known as BDSM. To really understand, at a glance, what BDSM is, we should first look at what each area is and what makes up that specific sect of BDSM. 2,263 more words