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Freaky Friday - Number Stations

This Friday I’d like to introduce you to something that isn’t a mystery but is by its very nature mysterious – Number Stations. Have you ever pondered what the world of international spying is like? 1,070 more words

Freaky Friday - Tamam Shud and the Somerton Man

Last Friday it was a case of not knowing where a man is. This case is not knowing who a man is. It takes place in Australia in 1948. 1,916 more words

Freaky Friday - Unsolved Disappearance Zebb Quinn

This story first caught my eye because it happened in Asheville, North Carolina. That’s just over the mountain from where I grew up. That’s home of Biltmore House and Gardens, one of my favorite places. 911 more words

Freaky Friday - Intro

If you have followed my on and off blog you know I’ve struggled to fill Fridays. ¬†Finally I think I’ve hit on a topic that is going to stick. 247 more words

Coffee Thoughts

Freaky Fridays

Welcome to Freaky Fridays where I post links to the odd and the fantastic. Thank you to my friends, especially Sally and Bronwen, who send me pure gold. 101 more words


The 5 Facts of Life

The human brain, in all its infinite complexities could never be more feeble.

Fact No. 1.) People in general, are lazy. If there is one universally accepted fact, it’s that. 1,284 more words

Freaky Fridays