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End Impact Fees for Collier County Entirely | James Pat Guerréro

Collier County Commissioner Hiller is a conservative, who believes rightly that impact fees are unnecessary in a free-market based economy. She challenged the other Commissioners Coyle, Coletta, and Fiala to pass a moratorium on impact fees, and they disagreed with her, pointing to the cost for staff to analyze an answer to her issue. 137 more words

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Collier County Economic Development Council Proposing to Get in Bed with Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc. | James Pat Guerréro

The Board of Collier County Commissioners, the Economic Development Council (EDC), and Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc., get in bed with one another. Today, the Commission will consider doling out $30,000 of taxpayer funds to Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc. 338 more words

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Clogging Fred Coyle on Federally Funded Housing in Collier County | James Pat Guerréro

The mechanism of federally funded low income housing and calling it redevelopment is a euphemism for economic pain and suffering on Collier County prosperity that is implemented by county government on the behalf of county government. 25 more words

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Project Peet and Ave Maria University Fact-Finding | James Pat Guerréro

John Lundin had sued Collier County, Florida, for some of its County leaders violating the Florida Sunshine Law about making fact-finding trips without informing the public. 236 more words

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Tammie Nemecek Fitfully Misunderstands Why Project Peet is Valueless | James Pat Guerréro

The Collier County Commission voted 5 – 0 not to spend any more money on Project Peet (Jackson Laboratory project). While Project Peet hasn’t gone away, Tammie Nemecek, CEO of the Economic Development Council of Collier County, is fitfully misunderstanding why Project Peet is valueless.  111 more words

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Gentlemanly Coyle's Professional Military Conduct Lapsed | James Pat Guerréro

Commissioner Fred Coyle called Commissioner Georgia Hiller’s move for a policy  to end donations from Collier county vendors to charitable organizations affiliated with the county: attacking “presumed political enemies any way (she) can.” Georgia Hiller asked for an apology from Coyle on the defamatory comment and other “constantly rude remarks in respect to me.” Coyle responded to her, “You deserve it.” Gentlemanly Coyle’s professional military conduct has lapsed. 15 more words

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Commissioner Coyle Passes the Buck | James Pat Guerrero

“I think it depends entirely upon the state and Gov. Scott and if that fails, then there probably won’t be anything after that,” Commission Chairman Fred Coyle said about the coming year.

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