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The Monster Squad

Morning, everyone. I caught a little bit of the horror bug today and decided to check out a movie I had originally planned to watch during Halloween but… forgot. 684 more words


'Tales from the Crypt' nostalgia recap: Hooker with a heart of stone

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Only Sin Deep” | Aired June 14, 1989

This week’s Tales from the Crypt welcomes Howard Deutch, of ’80s teen fame ( 1,058 more words

Horror Movie Haiku #22

October’s almost over, but I’m still watching a bunch of scary movies. Might as well write some more poetry about them.

The past haunts us all… 9 more words


Only Sin Deep - Tales from the Crypt Season 1; Episode 4

Only Sin Deep is a classic tale, as Leah Thompson chooses beauty over longevity, but this time there is a twist, applying pawn shop guidelines.  This may be the least original episode in Season 1, but don’t let that detract from its quality.  145 more words

Movie Review

The Monster Squad (1987)

Here’s a small cult gem from the early days of the rise of the PG-13 movies. Oh how times have changed since then. What we have here is basically… 604 more words

Watched Movie

Film Review: Night of the Creeps

“What is this? A homicide, or a bad B-movie?” – Detective Cameron

“Night of the Creeps” is a classic. Well, it is to me, anyway. 333 more words


Shane Black Film Will 'Reinvent' The 'Predator' Franchise Says, Longtime Producer

Hollywood studios certainly appear to be rebooting/relaunching more established properties than ever right now, though it has become increasingly popular in recent years for studios to revive franchises by way of a “soft reboot”: a franchise project that doesn’t fully break continuity from its predecessors, yet at the same time clears the table enough so that future installments won’t need to continue referencing the events in past films in the series. 694 more words