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Key Movies In My Life: House (1986)

Horror is one of my favorite genres,  mostly due to my Father’s influence at a young age. He loved horror, horror stories, horror movies, everything scary was adored in our home.  952 more words


Thrill Me

Although I will be harking on about the perfection that is Night Of The Creeps in this article, I need to just get one thing clear….I am completely, utterly, head over heels, Tom Atkins obsessed.  877 more words


1987 Movie Review: THE MONSTER SQUAD, 1987

Movie Reviews

Directed by Fred Dekker
Starring: Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht, Duncan Regehr
Review by Sarah Evans


A couple of neighborhood kids set up a club dedicated to everything that has to do with monsters. 982 more words

Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps (1986)

directed by;Fred Dekker

cast:Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall

…The terror had come from above during the Fifties when a flying saucer had crashed next to a  drive-in theater in the city of Corman but scientists had managed to stop the alien invasion by putting the human host of some  parasitic organisms in suspended animation.27 Years later two freshmen students of the Corman college  who want to enter a fraternity are assigned with breaking into the lab where the body is kept in order to steal a corpsem,what they do is to  accidentally let the dormant body escape from his cryosleep chamber.Soon enough the entire community is infested by thousands of Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. 200 more words

The Horror of '87 #3: The Monster Squad

On August 14th, 1987, Fred Dekker’s second film, The Monster Squad was released. Co-written with the criminally underrated Shane Black, this film emphasized Dekker’s love for early horror, as did his first film, … 447 more words