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Meet Hipster Shaggy, Buff Fred Flintstone, And The Other Hanna-Barbera Characters DC Is Rebooting

Exclusive: @DCComics announces new slate of ‘Hanna-Barbera’ titles: https://t.co/JPuV4iUzwS pic.twitter.com/Boyb8poW3L

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) Jan. 28, 2016

We must feed the interests of the young with the re-worked artifacts of the old.

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Trump: Trolling America

Time flies and so we find ourselves in the middle of a cool Florida winter here at the Van Kleeck Academy. Basketball season has just ended for us and it was great, filled with learning experiences and new formed friendships. 529 more words

#9 - A Flintstone Christmas

It may have been considered a slight when I passed over The Flintstones for inclusion in my top ten animated television shows, but maybe a 9th place finish here will take away some of that sting. 621 more words


Unpublished Starlog Cartoon #2

I believe this was my second-ever rejected cartoon submitted to Starlog. Based on the live-action “The Flintstones” in 1994 starring John Goodman (Fred Flintstone) and Rick Moranis (Barney Rubble).


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