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Where the Magic Lived - Writing 101 Day Twenty

Where the Magic Lived

Fred knew. From the moment I plugged him in above the stove in front of that wall of windows so black at night, life would never be the same again. 379 more words

Ringtone Deductions

Ringtones are a kind of window into the soul, when you think about it.  If you’re with a person and their cellphone rings, for that brief moment you are getting a glimpse of some personal information about that individual. 449 more words


Think Big and Be Big

Just before putting his foot in his mouth, Fred Flintstone tells himself “Think big and be big, think big and be big, think big and be big.” Although the episode ends in him feeling pretty small, it’s because his “think big” attitude is based in pride and pretension. 485 more words

Watch Caveman CM Punk Hassle Fred Flintstone In This Clip From 'Stone Age SmackDown!'

After months of hype and breathless anticipation, the biggest direct-to-DVD event of the year is finally set to hit store shelves on Tuesday. Of course, I’m talking about… 165 more words


Go Ask Daddy About Wacky Weddings, Good Books and Posting Bail

I’ve led soccer teams onto interesting playing grounds.

Our club teams play by railroad tracks. Elise and Marie played on a sunk-down field. It’s like a pit Fred Flintstone dug with his brontosaurus. 807 more words

Dad Moments