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Blazing Saddles

Well spring has sprung and May is heading for the “out”  door meaning that the longest day is now hot on its heels. Facebook very kindly reminded me that by this point last year we had dipped toes (and a whole lot more) into the water in prep for our charity swim and perhaps with a cycle challenge looming it is really time to get some butt in gear (by which I don’t mean lycra cladding posing as cycle shorts (more on that later), and start racking up some miles. 356 more words

1989: Yabba Dabba Dooooo!

Dad and I stand in my uncle George’s garage. Our car doesn’t have back brakes and my uncle is the best mechanic in town. Jenny your uncle can build a race car from scratch, but he can’t read or write. 1,766 more words

Acts 12: 12-17

Verse 16: “Now Peter continued knocking; and when they opened the door and saw him, they were astonished.”

I can’t remember who first told me this joke, but I really liked it. 442 more words

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Cartoon Cocks

It’s true, there are probably thousands of versions of these characters in sexual situations on Deviant Art. But this allows you to skip to the meat of the question, “What is in their pants?” without having to compromise your search history. 90 more words


Freddie the Fruit Machine

I spotted this in a holiday camp arcade, not quite sure how it stands on copyright, shall we call it a homage!

A blatant Flintstones rip-off complete with Fred, Wilma and Dino… 6 more words