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Wait for Fred! Autism & the Other

Hallowe’en 1969. I am in the bride outfit which is hilarious because I never wanted to marry. There’s my brother the sheep (D3), my sister the old lady, then the oldest as a pirate (D1) and Frankenstein himself (D2).  1,371 more words

Sometimes my worst fears ...

Sometimes my worst fears come true. It really was cancer. I did go broke. I was homeless and living in my car. My wife did divorce me. 184 more words

God Thoughts

My Longest Motor Cycle Journey in Sri Lanka with Meer Ali from India

In August, 2016 I finished a 5-day-long motorcycle journey with Meer Ali, the first volunteer for Horizon Lanka from India. This was the longest sojourn I embarked on a bike so far. 568 more words


Is your mind driving a Fred Flintstone car?

“Thoughts have wings.”—Jewish proverb

I just read about a Malaysian sultan who owns a replica of Fred Flintstone’s famous rockmobile. The one powered by our favorite caveman’s feet, the one he brakes with heels smoking, screeching and probably aching like holy hell. 355 more words

Movie Review Double Feature - The Second Woman & Time Table

(I forgot to include a headline for this blog post.)

The Second Woman (1950)

There’s a lot wrong with The Second Woman. Basically, women exist to validate men, doing everything they can in a Hitchcock style psychological thriller to find out how to solve the men’s problems while falling in love with them. 818 more words


Happy (Slightly Late) Halloween!

It’s 10:48 p.m. EDT as I write this so there’s still time to say Happy Halloween!  Hope you’re having (had) a fun day! I had a very busy one, that’s why I’m so late!  21 more words

Star Trek

Something Hilarious

I ran into something hilarious while surfing on the Internet a few minutes ago.  It was on Yahoo! Answers, and it was stated by an unknown individual going by the handle name lifewhispers1. 135 more words