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Believe in Towarding

I woke up thinking of Arlo Gutherie’s lovely warm song “City of New Orleans.”

Good morning America, how are you. Hey don’t you know me, I’m your native son.” 636 more words

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More Fred-For-Your-Head sayings

Have you noticed the people who say they never ask for much, are always asking how much?

Becoming a lawyer doesn’t cost you anything except a sense of worth and accomplishment. 269 more words

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Saved by a Spot

The surf was flat. It was hot No fog. The sun and the beach has always been in my heart. Back in the Jersey days, riding air mattresses across the bumpy white water to shore. 258 more words

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okay, it’s a sunny day and small surf. I want to paddle out to stay strong and prepare myself for the conplex surgery ahead (It was delayed). 514 more words

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LeBitch James

LeBitch James of the Cleveland Cavs is a classic idiot–great winner, lousey loser. When he walked over Green and Green flicked his balls, Green made a mistake of thinking of himself and not team. 70 more words

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Health Care - 1948 Duh!



From Sebastian Junger’s new book “Tribe”:


“Bristish historian have linked the hardships of the Blitz–and the social unity that followed–to a landslide vote that brought in the Labour Party into power in 1945 and eventually gave the United Kingdom national health care and a strong wlefare state, The Blitz hit after years of poverty in England, and both experiences served to bind the society together in ways the rejecterd the primacy of business interests over the welfare of the people. 174 more words

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Self Pity becomes a first Class Flight

Self pity? I find as we walk forward we sometimes drag the shadow of melancholy from the loss of others who have passed, but I have found that shadow changes into a force of their lives that propel us forwards, and somehow I believe they are looking through my eyes and I’m showing them their lives have meaning to others and me–and then I’m connected to a higher plane and enjoy the ride in first class with a wonderful view.

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