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So You Think you Have Something to say? Doubtful.

I met a guy who was a successful salesman who said his passion was being a musician. He worked for a competitive wine distributor. And I guess, one of his giveaways during our long converdsation, which was informative and percpetive, and pointedf was simply this: he never admitted to any mistakes, nor did he temper his judgements, Thee was nothing he was wrong about. 343 more words


Humor doesn't always reduce stress

A lot motivation speakers and comics say, “Humor reduces stress.” But I’ve seen those same performers seized with stage fright and anxiety, and throwing up before they go on stage to preach their message of stress-reduction humor. 159 more words


Fran Lebowitz --er, Yuckowitz: average writer

Just me or does overrated writer Fran Lebowitz starting to resemble an old Marx Brother? Or maybe an original member of The Turtles?

I’ve always thought if she didn’t have influential gays in publishing she’d have never gotten a book deal. 11 more words

Fred Reiss

Why people who haggle over price suck

In retail, or in selling items on your own, there are people who haggle over the price, but if you relent and give them the deal, they don’t think you’ve been a nice guy, they see it as a reflection and validation on their abilities to get a better price. 65 more words


All Things Being = equal?

“I’m working on a theory that all things being equal people who vote tend to cancel their vote out for the best person because their vote usually reflects the qualities of a person they admire in themselves, so therefore their vote doesn’t really matter,” said a perpetual student, who aspires to be an academic. 330 more words


What ifs and what if I didn't

I believe a successful life is based on an inventory of “what ifs” and the more important, “what if I didn’t?” And if “what if I didn’t” outnumbers “what ifs” then you won. 602 more words


A couple Fred-For-Your-Head isms

They say death is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be great, if our sentence was overturned by a higher court due to a lack of evidence?

If the walls in my house could talk, they’d say, “Paint me.” 45 more words