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Club for Growth to spend $1M on TV ads going after Trump

It’s this kind of BS as to why Amerians are fed up with career politicians. A conservative advocacy group said Tuesday it will spend at least $1 million on TV ads criticizing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in the early primary voting state of Iowa. 403 more words

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Anti-Smokers Kick Stossel Around Again

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. blathers, “John Stossel said on Fox that there is ‘no good data’ proving secondhand cigarette smoke kills nonsmokers. There is. 392 more words

Exclusive: Conservative non-profit raised more than $24 million

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network, a conservative non-profit group, raised $24.4 million as it sought to elect more Republicans to Congress in 2012, according to the organization’s latest tax return. 328 more words

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Group of Conservatives Backs Action on Immigration.

More than two dozen conservative leaders have signed on to a statement supporting action to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws and calling legislation pending in the Senate an “important starting point.” 327 more words

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Ann Romney Might Be Taking This Loss Harder Than Mitt.


If you’re wondering how the Romney family is holding up post-election loss, the answer is: not well.  335 more words

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"Forgotten History": No, Conservatives, Benghazi Is Not Worse Than Watergate

On Friday, I got into a little Twitter tete-a-tete with Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller over this post I wrote last week, which argued that the reason conservatives are acting as though the aftermath of the events in Benghazi is the scandal of the century is that they’re frustrated that Barack Obama hasn’t had a major scandal, so they’re making as big a deal as possible out of whatever’s handy. 1,085 more words


"Oh my gosh, you did that to your dog?"

Mitt is Mean: Why Romney is Still Dogged by Seamus

“Clearly there are a number of people who are honestly upset. This is not a respectful use of a family member. 31 more words