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Marek Novak Goes Above & Beyond

Menswear and Dogs

One might say when it comes to menswear and dogs I have a slight obsession. When the two come together it is only natural that it captures my attention. 240 more words

The Man Has Style

Black & Champagne Polo Shirt by Fred Perry

Fred Perry was a dab hand with both a Tennis racket & a Table Tennis paddle, he won world championships in both sports. When age caught up with him & he could no longer play sport professionally, he retired. 202 more words


The Spitfires

In honesty, the whole Mod Revival thing has been a bit of a turn off for me lately.  Whereas once, I would be instantly excited and intrigued at the slightest hint of a Fred Perry logo on a band, now I find myself yawning and slightly anxious at the thought of yet another load of young whippersnappers desperately trying (and failing) to be The Jam. 268 more words


Fred Perry & Raf Simons x Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Fred Perry and Raf Simons’ 12th capsule collection is available now via Fred Perry.


Live for music

There’s no better feeling standing in a crowded room as the band that inspires you, walks out on stage to perform an epic set. The temperature rises, the atmosphere builds, the crowded room starts to bounce chanting every single word back at their heroes, nothing beats live music. 422 more words

What I Am Wearing

Mod Brands 

A mods outfit is what defines them the most, from the Fred Perry polo shirt to the Harrington jacket. The brands are equally as important as the outfit itself, if anything the brands are what have helped them develop into their very own subculture. 319 more words