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Joseph Darville named Save The Bays Chairman

Respected educator, co-chairman of the Bahamas National Drug Council and well-known environmental and human rights advocate Joseph Darville, M.A., has been named chairman of Save The Bays, the fast-growing grass roots environmental movement with more than 18,000 Facebook friends and followers. 613 more words


Patti Smith's 'M Train' is a Literary Ride Through Stations of Mourning

The latest entry in Patti Smith’s ever evolving, cross-disciplinary oeuvre, M Train is a nonlinear narrative about writer’s block. It’s literary, lucid and dreamy. Mourning the passing of her second husband, Fred “Sonic” Smith, bouts of insomnia and displacement overcome her—all the culprits of mental stagnancy. 891 more words

On October 1, 1974.

On October 1, 1974, “Island“ label released John Cale’s album“Fear”.This was the first of three albums for “Island” label ,all of which were released in a period of just over a year. 117 more words

Chris Christie vs. Technology

In order for Governor Chris Christie’s plan to round up people who overstay their visas to work, he would have to invent time travel technology. And even though it’s impossible to know if time travel really has been invented if you’re not the one using it (if history has changed, so have all your memories), looking at his poll numbers it would appear he hasn’t yet. 850 more words


Outsource immigration and customs to FedEx?

In New Hampshire, Republican Presidential contender Chris Christie sparks humour in his speech, by proposing to track immigrants entering the country, like packages.

“Here’s what I’m going to do as president… I’m going to ask the founder of FedEx, Fred Smith to come and work for the government for three months, to work for immigration and customs”

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A cool night of jazz in the last place you'd expect...

Last Friday, I went to a tribute to jazz pianist Joe Sample. Underneath dim lights, I sat among a crowd of about 200 lovers of all things soulful. 359 more words

Television: new album

Despite rumours of some credence we’ve been waiting some eight years for the new Television album — don’t rush into it lads! To feed my addiction I was one of those who sent off for a cassette import of The Blow-Up (1982) if only to hear “Little Johnny Jewel”. 196 more words