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Bubbles And Golden Ages... Continued

The following post is an adaptation from the original one I posted on this topic in May of 2011.

I once watched an interview where Fred Wilson offhandedly noted reading a book which transformed the way he looked at markets and the web in general.  1,448 more words


Inspiring Leadership on Coding in NYC Schools

On Friday, in an op ed in the NY Daily News, New York City’s schools chancellor Carmen Fariña made a strong case for teaching coding in schools. 476 more words


Wharton Business School’s Trump Card

Wharton Business School ranks right up there with big names like Stanford and Harvard, with one of the most-published business school faculties and big-name alums like Yotaro Kobayashi (CEO of Fuji Xerox), Robert Crandall (former president and chairman of American Airlines who invented the frequent flyer program), and Laura Lang (former CEO of Time). 341 more words


Two Lies And A Truth About “The Bubble”

There has been a lot of discussion about startup valuation over the past few months. Luminaries across the industry have chimed in, suggesting we’re returning to a time of irrational investment valuations hearkening back to the bubble of the late 90s. 1,532 more words


Rationale behind the "app constellation" mobile strategy

It’s been over a year since Fred Willson coined the term “App Constellation” and Foursquare broke into two separate apps. However, while this strategy has gained adoption and momentum, it’s still an open question as to whether this approach is a successful one. 761 more words


4 Lessons I Have Learned From 100 Blog Posts

This is my 100th post on this blog. That isn’t a whole lot considering I have been writing on this site for nearly six years. I figured it still a good chance to think about lessons learned as I have tried to improve my writing over that time. 620 more words


Corporate Venture Capital Is King In Japan

When it comes to raising money in the U.S., corporate venture capital is seemingly synonymous with “Plan C.” If you can’t raise money from top-tier firms, you move on to Plan B, second-tier firms. 623 more words