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A year after its launch, Tech:NYC has become a force in New York politics

It’s been a little over a year since Fred Wilson and Tim Armstrong appeared onstage at Disrupt in New York to launch Tech:NYC.

The two titans of New York City’s tech scene were angling to create a new organization that would speak out for the interests of the tech industry in both city and state government while planting a flag for New York’s place at the forefront of innovation around the country. 590 more words


Mining the Museum, Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson, Mining the Museum , Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, 1992

Fred Wilson (Bronx, EUA, 1954) artista…

Two of my favorite techniques in investing are dollar cost averaging (when buying and selling) and rebalancing.

In public stocks and other marketable assets, these techniques (averaging in and out) are particularly important.

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Etsy names Josh Silverman as its new CEO

There’s been a shakeup in Etsy‘s leadership, with CEO Chad Dickerson and CTO John Allspaw departing.

Josh Silverman, the former Skype and Evite CEO who… 331 more words


ModCloth was founded in Pittsburgh, but later moved its HQ to San Francisco. It’s impossible to know if things would have worked out differently had the company remained in the Steel City, but…

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I'm not a fan of convertible notes...

I’ve been asked for opinions on convertible notes in seed rounds consistently for the past 10+ years.  I’m going to just say it again.  I am… 64 more words

*Deviant Practice: From Where Do We Speak? (Week 15)


David Morris

What is practicing without the institution?

24th Sao Paulo Bienal: Anthropophagy and Cannibalism.

Look up:

Andrea Fraser, Little Frank and his Carp… 38 more words

Van Abbe Museum