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Happy Birthday Kitties!

Today is the Birthday of my three youngest cats, the ones we raised from birth. So, in honor of that, I did the math and here is an updated age list of all my cats! 40 more words


Doodle 24.03.15

Fred doesn’t understand flowers, poor chap.


The guy you know your whole life

So there is this guy, I pretty much know him all my life already because his dad is the best friend of my dad. We pretty grew up with each other but lost touch when I left the Country and just started to catch up with each other again. 244 more words

Hollister Ranch: Coastal Commission where are ye. You too Jerry Brown?

The Coastal Commission in California is trying to get the public to donate funds and support them. Well, how about getting public access to the Hollister Ranch outside Santa Barbara? 104 more words


Stop comparing meat to women

So many times I hear vegan-feministic women lament that men don’t appreciate all the different shapes of the female body and compare women to meat. Well, stop knocking meat by comparing it to women. 61 more words


Big Hero 6 Review

First off, I apologize for the very slow start that my blog has had. I’ve had to deal with a few things recently that prevented me from being as active as I would’ve liked. 563 more words


Doodle 20.03.15

Here’s Fred, making friends with a goose. I wouldn’t suggest you try this at home; as Fred now knows, geese are not very friendly at this time of year.