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Minimalist Life Hack #1

The water bottle.

Soooooo we all know it’s not very important from which container we drink our water (we just need the stuff!), but with today’s product marketing and design I don’t see a harm in having my aesthetic carry into personal hydration. 112 more words

Yet again, I'm a Third Wheel

Day 13, July 14 ’16

Sorry, that title won’t have much relevance only until about the end of this blog. But, hey, it works. Besides, I’ve had lots of experiences being a Third Wheel. 3,959 more words


I get 'Newton's Third Law'-ed

Day 12, July 13 ’16

Hey, I have an excuse. I had fever.

I came in at great noon today. Just in time for lunch. I was still hoping to arrive by 10:30, but my fever has really taken its toll today. 3,319 more words


Hank gets a new home, and name

Day 11, July 12 ’16

First day after internship ended. So, today– I came in a little late. 15 minutes, I think, isn’t that bad, though. 2,763 more words


Rushing & Cramming skills at their finest

Day 10, July 11 ’16

Fun Fact: Right before the internship, I’ve always mistaken that the last day was July 11, which was actually supposed to be July 8. 2,700 more words


Fred lamenta partida ruim do Atlético-MG e valoriza apenas o resultado final

O atacante Fred passou em branco no duelo contra o Coritiba, no qual o Atlético-MG saiu vencedor com dois gols de Robinho. Mas nada que tira do camisa 99 a visão da partida em que o jogador afirmou que o Galo se desorganizou, dando espaço para os visitantes e sofrendo com os contra-ataques. 183 more words


Geez. Titles.

                                       Book 3 for the last week.

I might start writing again tonight, for the last 5 days left. Thanks a lot, GRIn Lab. I appreciate everything. 12 more words