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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Living On My Own by LEGEND Freddy Mercury

It’s not easy, living on my own.

Great song. Great band. If only more people could sing like Freddy Mercury, right?


People on the Streets

I woke up at 8:00 AM on Labor Day because I had to go to work.

The mall knows no loyalties, and laughs in the face of the holidays of man.   1,294 more words


My Generation

I work in a fascinating field–diagnostic imaging. Specifically, radiology and mammography, and I’ve been a technologist (not technician) for seventeen years. I’ve seen some changes. 528 more words


Music Monday - Queen

The man with the mustache (mustache-less in this video)…..he IS and WAS rock and roll.


Music Monday


Jien debiexin ser a id-dar
/jiːn dɛ’biːʃin sɛr ɐ id’dɐr/
(I should go home now)
(Maltese by: a Freddy Mercury lookalike. How sure am I that I’m saying or writing it right: 1/2) 569 more words

False Memories

Freddy Mercury & Princess Diana In A Gay Bar?

Okay, this is only a rumor but apparently back in the 80’s, the Queen front man and Princess Diana had a fun time at a gay bar. 51 more words