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Munich in a Day

We were a bit naive and the tour toute was a bit sharp; there was no way the two different tours were going to arrive back at the hauptbahnhof “within moments of each other”, but it wasn’t the end of the world. 438 more words

Union Homestead

Biografi Freddy Mercury, Legenda Musik Rock

Biografi Freddy Mercury, Legenda Musik Rock

Bionfo – Freddie Mercury yaitu pencipta lagu We Are The Champions, Bicycle Bohemian Rhapsody, sang dedengkot Queen sekalian juara pencipta lagu – lagu legendaris. 459 more words

Tokoh Dunia

"Don't Stop Me Now, Sultans Of Swing" by QUEEN Vs. DIRE STRAITS

It is time to acknowledge that Freddy Mercury’s voice transcends the fabric of time and space. If I had to pinpoint and define the importance of his role in music history, I would liken it to the best breakfast of my life. 29 more words


Have You Ever Cried At A Rock Concert?

I have.

Last night at the Queen and Adam Lambert Concert playing in the barn at the swamp. Oops, I meant the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. 314 more words

“Don’t Try Suicide.”

Freddy Mercury’s message to U.S. citizens who believe their abstention from voting is “sending a message.”

Q is for Queen

Well not quite Queen, I am thinking more Freddie Mercury. Why Freddy I hear you ask…well of course he is the lead man in my imaginary band of Dead musicians. 529 more words

Mild success

AJ recognised the painting as daddy.

It’s not finished but at least it seems to be moving in the right direction. Apparently he looks a bit evil and ill… and like Freddy Mercury. Ahahahahaha