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My Generation

I work in a fascinating field–diagnostic imaging. Specifically, radiology and mammography, and I’ve been a technologist (not technician) for seventeen years. I’ve seen some changes. 528 more words


Music Monday - Queen

The man with the mustache (mustache-less in this video)…..he IS and WAS rock and roll.


Music Monday


Jien debiexin ser a id-dar
/jiːn dɛ’biːʃin sɛr ɐ id’dɐr/
(I should go home now)
(Maltese by: a Freddy Mercury lookalike. How sure am I that I’m saying or writing it right: 1/2) 569 more words

False Memories

Freddy Mercury & Princess Diana In A Gay Bar?

Okay, this is only a rumor but apparently back in the 80’s, the Queen front man and Princess Diana had a fun time at a gay bar. 51 more words


 Stone Town Past Preserved

Stone town is the past preserved. Young boys chase each other through the narrow streets, adults are content to mosy. As a child I roamed my streets unfettered without a care in the world. 409 more words