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“Don’t Try Suicide.”

Freddy Mercury’s message to U.S. citizens who believe their abstention from voting is “sending a message.”

No One Remembers David Newberry

“David Newberry sings folk music with rock sensibilities. Or is it the other way around?”

So reads the blurb for Newberry’s YouTube page, a sentiment that really does capture what he is trying to do.  387 more words

Brian May Denies Sacha Baron Cohen’s Freddy Mercury Queen Biopic Claims

Earlier this year, Sacha Baron Cohen revealed that he would no longer be working on a Queen biopic focusing on lead singer Freddy Mercury, who he had been named to play. 317 more words


‘Francis’ is somebody to love

Review by John K. Adams

Francis, Somebody to Love, written and performed by Dana Denham Marsh and directed by Mick Thyer, is going to New York. 267 more words


freddie mercury... **FREDDIE MERCURY ~ PARTY from MIRACLE Album with Camilla**

**My Freddie Mercury**

It’s My Blog dedicated to My Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

Freddie is my best friend… 300 more words

Freddie Mercury Tribute

On The Death of David Bowie, or: The Gods of Our Youth

The recent death of David Bowie struck me rather hard. It’s not that I was the biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his music. 780 more words