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The Wrong Enemy and the Right Enemy

If you listen to the progressive left for any length of time, you will no doubt hear a lot of bashing of wealthy people in society. 254 more words

The Unseen Effects of Banning Alcohol Along Highways

Sometime back the Supreme Court prohibited the sale of liquor within 500 metres of state highways and national highways. As it said in its second judgement on the issue: “India has a high rate of road accidents and fatal road accidents – one of the advisories states that it is the highest in the world with an accident occurring every four minutes.” 636 more words

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The Broken Window Fallacy

Frederic Bastiat was the man who came up with the idea of this fallacy. The fallacy goes like this: A boy throws a brick through a shop’s window, A crowd quickly gathers to sympathize with the poor shopkeeper. 271 more words


An Evening With Bastiat

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a lecture hosted by the Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society. I was thrilled to learn there was a local chapter in Charlotte and even more excited to learn there was a free lecture being given on Capitalism. 684 more words


Without Government Who Would Pay for My Stuff?

Yeah, yeah. Taxation is theft and all that – and you’ve doubtless heard the canned response of “But without taxes and government spending, what would we do about ________ ?” Well, we saw a pretty great little chart floating around on the internet recently that does a nice job of answering this question in a simple and effective way. 116 more words

Is the 26 Week Maternity Benefit Really a Benefit?

Last week, the Parliament passed the Maternity Benefit Bill. Once the President gives his assent to the Bill and it becomes an Act, women will be entitled to a maternity leave of 26 weeks. 872 more words

Frédéric Bastiat

Broken Window Fallacy: What Falling Vegetable Prices Tell Us About Notebandi

The negative effects of demonetisation have now reached a stage wherein there is enough data available to discuss the concept of the broken window fallacy… 1,145 more words