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Hurricane Irma: Credentialed Ignorance vs. Uncredentialed Intelligence.

The credentialed ignorance of NY Federal Reserve president William Dudley is revealed by Evelyn’s uncredentialed intelligence. Evelyn quotes Henry Hazlitt, Frederic Bastiat, and Thomas Sowell to make her economic argument that the destruction by hurricane Irma is ‘the broken window fallacy’ on a much larger scale.  222 more words

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Frédéric Bastiat on free trade

Debate on free trade isn’t new.

Frédéric Bastiat  wrote this in 1845.

A PETITION From the Manufacturers of Candles, Tapers, Lanterns, sticks, Street Lamps, Snuffers, and Extinguishers, and from Producers of Tallow, Oil, Resin, Alcohol, and Generally of Everything Connected with Lighting. 1,622 more words

  • “Men naturally rebel against the injustice of which they are victims. Thus, when plunder is organized by law for the profit of those who make the law, all the plundered classes try somehow to enter — by peaceful or revolutionary means — into the making of laws.
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Frederic Bastiat

No, natural disasters are not good for the economy.

Every time there is a natural disaster old economic fallacies make their appearance. And they are usually always the same. In particular, the argument that a natural disaster is good for the economy. 349 more words

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15 Trillion Gallons of Keynesian Goodness? - LewRockwell


Harvey + government = the Perfect Storm.

Learn about the broken window and Corps of Engineering (government) planning.

……(Feroli) has proceeded straight to the “broken  330 more words

"The State is the great fiction by which everyone endeavours to live at the expense of everyone else.”

One of the best cases against the destructive uses of government was opined by Frederic Bastiat in the words below…
We all therefore, put in our claim, under some pretext or other, and apply to Government. 141 more words

Thought For the Day: Socialism Is Legal Plunder

“But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. 42 more words

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