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The invisible library

Over the last week, three significant events occurred in the timeline of my book Astounding. The page proofs—the typeset text to which the author can still make minor changes and corrections—were due back at my publisher on Wednesday. 601 more words


The Hugo (& Nebula) Awards: Frederik Pohl's Gateway (1977)

Rockets soaring across the sky, lasers blasting indiscriminately, aliens with names like Ubuntu and Fnord, humanoid robots with joints going kzzt!-bzzt!: The Golden Age of Sci-Fi has aged itself into the ground by 2017, its future technology nothing more than magic with a metallic sheen, its important social messages sexist diatribes or naive Libertarian fantasies. 606 more words


The Roads Between the Worlds

The Michael Moorcock series continues not with sword-and-sorcery but science fiction.

Raw Feed (1999): The Roads Between the Worlds, Michael Moorcock, 1964, 1971.

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Book Review

Bookends: Coming to Terms With a Moral Dilemma

Bookends: Coming to Terms With a Moral Dilemma

By Dan Davidson

February 22, 2017

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By Frederick Pohl

Narrated by Oliver Wyman… 777 more words


Drunkard's Walk - Frederik Pohl

Quite a while ago a friend of mine donated a number of books to my collection, he had read very few of them, and most were new. 397 more words

Solar Lottery

The PKD series continues with a look at his first published novel.

Raw Feed (1989): Solar Lottery, Philip K. Dick, 1955.

Given all of Dick’s own statements and complaints about the supposed bad quality of this novel, I was expecting a bad read. 492 more words

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The Golden Man

The PKD series continues.

Raw Feed (1989): The Golden Man, ed. Philip K. Dick, 1980.

“Foreword”, Mark Hurst — Standard collection intro on why book was done and its history. 2,457 more words

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