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The Roads Between the Worlds

The Michael Moorcock series continues not with sword-and-sorcery but science fiction.

Raw Feed (1999): The Roads Between the Worlds, Michael Moorcock, 1964, 1971.

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Bookends: Coming to Terms With a Moral Dilemma

Bookends: Coming to Terms With a Moral Dilemma

By Dan Davidson

February 22, 2017

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By Frederick Pohl

Narrated by Oliver Wyman… 777 more words


Drunkard's Walk - Frederik Pohl

Quite a while ago a friend of mine donated a number of books to my collection, he had read very few of them, and most were new. 397 more words

Solar Lottery

The PKD series continues with a look at his first published novel.

Raw Feed (1989): Solar Lottery, Philip K. Dick, 1955.

Given all of Dick’s own statements and complaints about the supposed bad quality of this novel, I was expecting a bad read. 492 more words

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The Golden Man

The PKD series continues.

Raw Feed (1989): The Golden Man, ed. Philip K. Dick, 1980.

“Foreword”, Mark Hurst — Standard collection intro on why book was done and its history. 2,457 more words

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Review: BIPOHL by Frederik Pohl

“How long the party lasted Forrester did not know. He remembered a long harangue in which the drunken ballet dancer was trying to explain to him that the accent was Martian, not German; something to do with six-hundred-millibar oxyhelium air, which got them out of the habit of hearing certain frequencies.”

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Top 5 Antiheroes in SF & F

Antiheroes in books are interesting, especially in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Characters can already be hard to relate to when they are shaped by a different environment/world yet alone when they are mentally screwed up or morally flawed as well. 804 more words