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Movie Quote of the Day - The Wild Party, 1929 (dir. Dorothy Arzner)

Stella Ames: Why do you hate me so?
James ‘Gil’ Gilmore: Hate you? How could I hate when I would have killed for you!

Movie Quote Of The Day

A Week Can Be a Long Time in Politics

7 DAYS IN MAY (1964) — one of Frankenheimer’s very best, I’d say. It’s taken me ages to get around to it. Maybe the opening scene put me off, since I think the handheld, jagged cutting and multiple inserted red frames (Frankenheimer admired Hitchcock enormously, so he’s riffing on SPELLBOUND — there’s a good story about his Hitch idolatry, if you remind me) was a little overdone. 575 more words


U.W. Oshkosh, A Visual Representation

U.W. Oshkosk several connections to what we did in the documentary.  It’s where I interviewed Randall Davidson for the history of Wisconsin Public Radio, where the Fredric March Theatre is, and also where we had good success with contributions in post-production.   28 more words

University Of Wisconsin

The Road to Glory (1936)

My film today comes with some Great War Film pedigree attached. This is the middle film in a triptych from director Howard Hawks. Starting with ‘The Dawn Patrol’ in 1930 which will get a review at some point, followed by my film today ‘Road to Glory’ and finishing with the slightly rubbish ‘ 837 more words

The Sex (now that I have your attention) Blogathon: Design for Living (1933)

Sexy? Design for Living? You bet.

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. A cast featuring Miriam Hopkins, Gary Cooper and Fredric March (a trio of lookers if ever there was one). 980 more words


A Buried Hollywood Masterpiece: Inherit the Wind

The battle of science vs religion remains within the repeated discussions of our period, with loyalties still devoted to a singular side, and the idea of dabbling both would be an act of betrayal from either camp. 1,012 more words