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And sometimes it is not enough

I always enjoy the Fred’s Team 20 mile run to Coney Island despite the fact that it is 20 miles.  There are too many scenic aspects to the journey, as well as the numerous neighborhoods that are traversed.  646 more words


more than halfway there ...

Training has gone by so fast. Can’t believe there’s only 8 weeks left before Marathon Sunday! I am more than halfway there, in regards to training as well as in miles – a couple of weeks ago I ran my first half marathon run. 301 more words


It's September... WHAT?!?

This isn’t my first go round at running the New York City Marathon, yet I am always shocked in early September when I print out a calendar to track my upcoming long runs and races to see just how close the main event is.  424 more words


becoming a runner .. it is happening !!

I am six weeks into marathon training and although I feel there is so much more about running that I have yet to experience and learn, I am at least getting comfortable in the routine of running. 279 more words


The long training run and the dreaded zombie walk

Fred’s Team coach Jeff Rochford is the first to tell you, “Don’t go out to fast, you’ll end up walking like one of the undead at the end of the marathon.”  In fact, he stresses that you should “go out painfully slowly” at first until you get warmed up.  613 more words

Fred's Team

There are many analogies for running hills, but I won’t bother to list them

If you are going to train for the New York City marathon, eventually you are going to have to do some hill work.  What this entails is generally proscribed by the neighborhood in which you run.  638 more words


26.2 miles?!? .. one training run at a time

It’s almost one month ago that I decided to run the TCS NYC Marathon this year. An event that is so daunting for anyone even avid runners. 383 more words