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Just for a moment

You should stop, for just a moment.  Get out of  the car, go for a walk, don’t talk, just listen.  What do you hear? What can you see? 100 more words


Be Free

Be Free
Nothing to weigh you down
Nothing to keep you from flying
Nothing to question
Nothing to fear
Nothing but Hope
Let go… 152 more words

Running Away From Home

I’m running away from home–well, actually I’m running to my childhood farm home and away from my home home with computers and phones and demands and EMAIL. 280 more words

Morning Musings

"The Cold Winds Took Her Away" [poem]


The empty birdcage; closed,

Wooden shutters letting the light stream in,

The room with the patterned yellow; this,

Cherished room with windows rattling,

Keeping the cold night out, 169 more words


Based on a true story …

Commando commando

The man is a commando

No underwear at his command



Free as a bird

Thank you to all the early supporters of this project and thank you to Banjo, aged 8, who drew this picture for the kids locked up in the detention centres. 34 more words