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Lazy Dreams

I took a floating holiday today, because it’s a bank holiday. (Thanks, presidents). I just want to talk about how I wish most days were like this. 327 more words

Free Associations

Video Games and Dissociation Disorder-A Clarification

This post was by far my most popular. It still gets hits all the time. I feel like I’m cheating people out of scientific research. All my posts are whiny hubbub. 284 more words

Mental Health

Bike Ride Around The World But Not Actually

Blogging has gotten so intimidating lately. Which is stupid. It’s not like anyone here expects quality from me. This is blog not goodly for read. 481 more words


The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

I wrote this essay years ago, when I was still in grad school and had no idea that I would end up specializing in suicide prevention later in my career! 1,667 more words

Free Associations

Day 904: Free Associations

Did you know that some  psychological tests ask people to make free associations with pictures?

What associations do you have with this photo, which I took early yesterday morning? 686 more words

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