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How important is MMR?

MMR has been a hot topic for as long as it’s been introduced and as of recent, a way for players to explode into the pro scene. 60 more words

how to start free blog on wordpress

hi friends ,

here is my first blog about how to get free blog on wordpress.

first goto  https://wordpress.com/wp-login.php and click register.

and enter your email address. 34 more words

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Tag your site for remarketing – AdWords Help — J.W.B. JunkWebBlog

To show ads to people who have visited your desktop or mobile website, add the remarketing tag to your website. The tag is a short snippet of code that adds your website visitors to remarketing lis Source: Tag your site for remarketing – AdWords Help…

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Writing a blog

I’ve gotten requests to write about setting up a free blog. And here you go! The step-by-step below is the process to set up a free blog on WordPress. 925 more words

How to Customize Your Wordpress Blog

You created a free WordPress blog and now you are ready to customize it.

What you will learn

In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize the basics of your WordPress blog. 154 more words

Free Blog

How to Create a Free Blog using Wordpress

There are lots of sites that will help you setup a free blog. I have been using WordPress for years and love the ease of us. 208 more words

Free Blog

How to be a social media marketer?

Social media is the IN thing. Many people from young to old are engaging in social media. Research shows that at least a rising 85% of people are using social media to keep themselves occupied. 220 more words