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How to Measure the Peak Height Velocity of a Cricket Player Doing Cricket

You can measure the peak height velocity of a cricket player by taking the cricket player’s height measurement each month. By seeing how this changes over time, you will be able to identify when they hit their peak growth spurt. 45 more words


How To Optimize Your Canoe Workouts

To optimize your canoe

workouts you will want to accurately measure the volume and intensity of each days workout following the Training Optimization Cycle. There are four phases of the  87 more words


How to Monitor Your Waking Heart Rate from your Canoe Training

One way to monitor the effectiveness of your canoe training is to measure your waking heart-rate each day. The waking heart-rate can act as a physiological stress response indicator from the previous days canoe training sessions.  109 more words


How To Measure The Volume of Your Canoe Workout

The volume can be measured by the amount of time you’ve spent doing your canoe workout. To have an accurate picture of your training you should record the amount of time you spend doing each daily workout. 14 more words


How To Measure the Intensity of Your Canoe Workout

When measuring the intensity of your canoe workout it’s important to measure both psychological and physiological measurements. One or the other is often missed and it’s both that will advance your canoe performance. 52 more words


How to Monitor Weight in a Paddler Doing Canoe

Measuring your weight periodically is a good idea. What proves to be useful is when you measure the weight differences between your weight ins. This makes it  easy to spot any potential issues from your weight management (i.e. 23 more words